Crazy for Shawarma!
January 4th, 2012 by niceyfemme

The past 3 months has all been about shawarma for me. Before that I know what shawarma is, that it consists if minced meat (can be beef, lamb, chicken, fish) and veggies but I never paid attention to it. Early November I was really busy and I resorted to fast food to eat but is totally sick and tired of the usual fare you would find in the malls, always fried chicken and pizza. So a shawarma stall caught my eye. I bought a large one to taste it and my initial reaction was, hmmmn ok.. that’s new.

Then I started feeling this crazy urge to try different shawarmas. I had a fancy shawarma from a fancy restaurant delivered in Mommy’s office once (again to try it) and was disappointed. I don’t like the more authentic tasting shawarma but prefers the localized version which only costs a fraction. I’d take that anytime.

So I have tasted Turk’s Shawarma, Babba Shawarma which can be found in any SM Supermarket food stalls, Chummie Shawarma in Festival Mall, Uncle Moe’s and two in SM Pampanga, Passport foods (which isn’t my type) and Jetnor’s Shawarma in SM food court. I like Jetnor’s the best and it has that something that makes you addicted to it! Too bad it’s too far from Cavite huhuhuhu Photobucket I can’t have it anytime I want. This seriously makes me a bit sad. Oh and I have to try Jacob’s Shawarma which they say (over the net) is the most authentic shawarma in the Philippines but I’m not really that interested as I like the localized version better. But let’s see, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Small is worth Php40 and large is Php50.  It’s beef with cucumber, tomatoes and onions with garlic sauce, cheese sauce and the chili. And the guy preparing your shawarma si kind of nice too. 🙂 I’ll try to take more pictures of it once I get my hands on it again. Whew just thinking about it makes me salivate. Haha I am officially crazy over Jetnor’s and I can tell everyone around me is getting tired of hearing me talk about it all the time!

During the holidays with all the food available to us to munch on, it’s only shawarma I wanted. Constant craving so bad I’ve always invented reasons to drop by there. One time I brought my niece Mae and had her taste it. Guess what, she liked it so much she’s as crazy fro it now as I am! She even bought two for herself. Am I a proud aunt or what? Hahaha too much influencing going on then.

Now that Bee is here and because he’s a Kapampangan, we’re always going there to spend time with his folks and I have to be honest here, first thing we’ll do right after we pass through San Fernando exit of NLEX in to get myself two large shawarmas! When is this phase going to end? I’m tired of thinking of it when I am too far away and other shawarmas just won’t do it for me.

I really am interested in making shawarma myself. I need a good recipe that taste like it. Where on earth?!

By the way, Happy New Year to everyone!

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