On my way to sexy me
Sep 29th, 2011 by niceyfemme

It’s been almost 3 weeks now since I started to lessen (again!) my rice intake. I have let myself lose so many times in the past and it happened again these last months if not these last few years. Seeing myself in videos and pictures taken recently in a family gathering, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I became fatter! I became even heavier than before. I again found it so hard to dress up as there are bulges here and there. My cheeks became like those of a chipmunk. 🙁 It finally hit me and I hope this time it lasts long enough for me to lose all the way if not permanently.

It’s been 18 days now since I gradually reduced my rice intake and I’m happy to say that my body has adjusted to it. I do not crave for rice as much now. But then I’m open to more options how to lose more weight. I don’t need to lose a whole lot of lbs but help won’t hurt. I’m even willing to try HCG diet Austin. Who knows it might be the one I’m looking for I just don’t know it yet.

So the goal is to be thinner than my usual curvy self. I have the remaining months of 2011 to do this. I want to be a whole new me come year 2012. I’m totally crossing my fingers this time… I can do this!!!! 🙂

Cassava Cake
Sep 24th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Two weeks ago was Bee’s mom’s birthday and I went there to celebrate with the family. I can’t decide which to bring, a chocolate cake that I will bake or a kakanin which is more appealing to me at that time. I always ended up with reasons not to choose the chocolate cake like it will dry up and so on and I realized I just really wanted to try and bake a cassava cake.

I realized why I don’t usually use kamoteng kahoy (cassava root) even though it’s cheap. It’s because it’s a pain to shred! I should know because 10 years ago when I was still in high school, I experimented with another kakanin which is pichi pichi my friend Abee and her mom taught me how to prepare. Yes it took me 10 long years to try again but this time it is way much easier.

I love markets. I get to discover so many new things, observe life yes boring stuff for most people. A week before I had to go to Pampanga, I noticed the cassava root on sale. While chatting with the vendors, they said that they can peel the cassava root for me and they can shred it for me too well I have to pay a few pesos and I gladly bought a kilo and a half and tried to bake cassava cake immediately.

It was so yum! Taste test good. So I baked another batch which I brought there. Let’s just say that I had to stop myself eating what I brought there haha. It’s not too sweet which is perfect for me and it’s so soft! They said they like it too. Ok I have to look for the recipe now. 🙂

(Deer) TapAsilog
Sep 22nd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Mommy brought home some marinated deer meat (tapang usa) and one day when we were both too lazy to cook anything that takes long to prepare, we just look for what’s quick to cook from the fridge.

I also prepared some homemade atchara (which I still haven’t posted here!) and the family favorite, garlic sinangag and we are happy peeps.

I can just stare at this photo for an hour. Looks good, tastes even better.

How To Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt (Froyo)
Sep 21st, 2011 by niceyfemme

I like ice cream very much. But I know it is sugar laden and high in bad fats, I try to only have it once in a while. Over the years, even before Frozen Yogurts aka Froyo became this big of a hit now, I became so into it but it is also pricey to have as often as I want. So when learned how to make yogurt at home, it is but natural that frozen yogurt is next. I searched the net for what seems like reliable enough and simple enough recipe. Found one but since this is a very late post, I have forgotten which website I got the base recipe from. Sorry. Edit: Based this recipe from 🙂

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Another long hiatus again
Sep 21st, 2011 by niceyfemme

I am saying sorry to myself. I don’t know why but I am finding myself with less time for blogging. I have a lot to blog about but once I am in front of the computer, I can’t help myself but read and read and read nonstop. Well It doesn’t help that our computer is slowly giving up on me, just restarting anytime it wants. Haha it is making me crazy really. I could just laugh about it now. I have been looking to buy laptops on sale at the source for better price deals… Let’s see… Maybe a new computer will bring my blogging love back?

Gorgeous Ferrari
Sep 2nd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Whoah! I just spotted a gorgeous red Ferrari in SM Bacoor’s parking lot. It’s so nice it looks like it’s batman’s car mobile with tyfun rims. Well I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Ferraris and Lamborghinis in Singapore but in the Philippines, it is truly rare to see this kinds of cars in our streets.

Well I just don’t think it’s a good idea to have a Ferrari here. Why? Because as far as I know, you need an airconditioned garage for it and electricity is so freaking pricey here. Another reason is it’s so asking for carnapping. Hmmmn well they must be so rich they won’t care if that ever happens.

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