Johnny Air’s Bad Customer Service
August 20th, 2011 by niceyfemme

EDIT: AS of November 04, 2011, STILL NOTHING! Heard nothing from them and to be honest, I’m not expecting anything from them anymore. But never again will I bring business to them. 
Totally bad service is something I cannot take. But living in the Philippines makes you prone to this. I do not get why this is because Filipinos are naturally nice and hospitable people specially to those they do not know personally. What I cannot take even more are people who feel so mighty high that they do not know how to own up to their mistakes and say sorry. Just that, a simple sorry will work and then try to improve and correct such mistakes.
I am writing to whoever upper level management executive who can take some action with this situation I unfortunately had experienced again. If Johnny Valdes gets to read this, the better.
Let me tell you what happened. I ordered a carbon steel wok from Amazon second week of December 2009 and conversed with Analyn Diego. I just had a very simple instruction, that the wok be brought to your Buendia/Dian branch as I prefer to pick the package there. Then after a month I was informed that the package was already there and ready for pick up. When my father and I got there, they had no idea about my package. They looked around them then told me it’s not there. And they had no initiative to find my package. I was the one who told them to look in other branches as I knew then that Johnny Air has a branch in Megamall. That was the time they made a call and that’s when they informed me that it was in Salcedo Village branch. My only instruction, to send it to Buendia / Dian branch was neglected. We decided to just drive to Salcedo Village and when we got there we weren’t given any attention by the female clerk whom I believe is Christine I am not really sure now. So the very first encounter I had with Johnny Air then (January 2010) was terrible but I thought maybe it’s because they are new and SOP’s aren’t well established then. But I must be honest that I almost lost my temper with the horrible service I received with all three of your staff and of the package being lost, lack of initiative is unacceptable too. But i just let it go.
Then after a year and a half, I thought I’d give Johnny Air another try. Two weeks ago I ordered a total of 4 items from Amazon and it in 3 shipments. I talked with Analyn Diego again and I specifically asked that the package be shipped in Buendia/Dian branch as there was an incident a year ago when my package was ‘lost’ and we had to look for your branch in Salcedo Village. I made it VERY CLEAR. And also that all my items be shipped together in one box, so they should wait for all 3 shipments to arrived before sending the package. Then last Monday, I received an email from Christine informing me that my package was now ready for pick up in their Makati branch. And by ‘package’ she meant that there is only one package but still I replied with this question ” Do you happen to know if all 4 items I bought was sent at once? I asked Analyn to send everything together.” and I didn’t receive any answer from her.
I waited until Thursday to pick it up to give them some time to do whatever it is they need to do as I would hate for my first experience with Johnny Air to happen again. I went there expecting to pick the package up in about 5 minutes. What could take so long right? No. It took me 1 hour! When I got there, I gave an ID and asked for my package. They didn’t know where it was. Took them around 15 minutes before they called Christine. Then I again was informed it’s in Salcedo Village. I told them that I was very clear with my request that it be shipped in Buendia/Dian branch. So they asked someone to bring the package to Buendia. Then after waiting too long the ‘package’ arrived in TWO SMALL BOXES. I opened them to check if all four items was sent. No there was only 3. What happened to my instruction to Analyn Diego that my items be shipped altogether?
Here are my points. What is so hard to shipped my package in Buendia/Dian branch? Why does it keep getting lost and finding itself in Salcedo Village when I made it very clear that I need it in Buendia branch? Why didn’t they wait for the last item to arrive before sending the first items?  Obviously there is a communication problem within the company. From Analyn Diego to Johnny Air branches in Makati and between Christine and Buendia male clerks. Also, I highly suggest that you train your staff again, they need to be taught how to be in customer service as they are the faces of your company. They face your customers and obviously, a very bad impression was left with me. The older clerk in Buendia was even rude, totally rude actually. No initiative whatsoever. Why? When I told them that I am very disappointed with the service and questioned why my packages keep getting lost, he told me to tell Christine and Analyn my complaints myself. I told him that no, you are the employee of Johnny Air, you resolve the problem between all of you as the problem lies in your side and it is part of your job to deliver good service. I made myself very clear with the very simple instructions so if the staff can’t deliver, then I believe this company shouldn’t be in business at all. I haven’t tried Megamall branch as it is too far from me, so I don’t know if the problem lies only in Makati branches.
I was charged such a steep amount for such small and light packages. Is it because it was sent separately? When I asked the clerk in Buendia how come I had to pay such steep price for two tiny and light boxes compared to when I ordered the bulky and heavy cast iron wok where I paid much less? He said there is an option for Analyn on how to charge me, whether it is by volume or by weight and obviously she chose the one unfavorable for me.
Now there is another package I still don’t have. The reason I asked that all the package be shipped all together is because I need to pick it up AT ONCE. I don’t live a block away from your Buendia branch where I just drop by anytime I want. And I don’t understand the need to keep going back there if I could pick it up in one go. I informed the ‘mature’ male clerk that I will not be going back there to pick it up, it is your side’s problem so you have to fix it and I will not trouble myself with driving long just to talk to an incompetent and rude guy. I later learned about ‘consolidation’ and it’s alright with me. Analyn Diego didn’t inform me about it as she didn’t bother answering back my email. Oh and it took her one whole week to answer a simple question before I ordered from Amazon, why is that so? Is this how customer service is to these people? I cannot emphasize enough, one word guys, TRAINING.
What’s even worse is I didn’t receive any apology at all. How come this people who feel so mighty high are in customer service? I will not bother talking to them again but I am writing to upper management who could do something to fix this. Johnny Air staffs Analyn Diego, Christine Villaranda and the ‘mature dark guy’ in Buendia branch whose name I didn’t bother to know need customer service training so bad.
Will I still continue using Johnny Air’s services? It depends on how you guys will react and handle this. I am willing to answer any questions you might have, just send me an email.
P.S. I am posting this in my blog site just so you know.
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  • melvel writes:
    September 7th, 20112:08 pmat

    I just read this after seeing your comment in Daphne’s blog. Sorry to hear about your experience, kasi I personally have nothing but good things to say about their service (I’ve used JA at least 10 times, probably close to 20 times na). I’m not from JA, but I’ll let Christine know about your concern next time I pick up a package there.

  • niceyfemme writes:
    September 7th, 20119:28 pmat

    I already gave up on them. Not worth the potential wrinkles. I just want to get the last package since I paid for it. Then never again. I have exchanged emails with Christine 3 weeks ago about the last package and still no update after that.

    Thanks for you taking the time anyway Melvel. I appreciate it.

  • Niceyfemme's Bitter-Shweet Corner » Blog Archive » I want this digicam mount writes:
    October 6th, 20119:55 pmat

    […] even though this is pretty cheap. Why? Because I need to have this shipped from US to here and I hate Johnny Air!!!  And until now they still haven’t tried to contact me about my missing package. I hate them […]

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