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August 10th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I have baked so far. What do I look for my pizza? First is the crust. I want it not too thick and not too thin. I need it to be a bit chewy but is crunchy as well. Then for the toppings I I prefer more veggies and cheese than meat.

After trying way too many recipes online, I finally have a recipe I could depend on. Thanks to Mommy who bought an old issue of a local food magazine where there was a promising and very simple recipe for pizza crust. Not many ingredients, just flour, salt, yeasts, water and oil. That’s it.

I used this recipe as my base and tweaked it to my liking. I used half bread flour and half APF. Added a tablespoon of milk and added sugar to my yeast. For some reason it didn’t add sugar to the yeast so I was like, how will it “live” without food?

Going back I am very pleased with the recipe I came up with. Perfect thickness/thinness of crust, chewy and crunchy and I only bake it in our small table top oven. It’s bigger than a regular oven toaster but way too small for a regular oven.

I have tried to freeze the leftover pizzas (as there’s only the two of us to eat 2 whole pizzas) in a freezer bag and re-heat it in my tawa/tava (but a skillet can be used to) with a pot cover and it is still wonderful! If not even better. The crust is even crunchier. So happy I could have great pizza anytime I want.

I’m dreaming about having a pizza cafe and we will be full house like crazy and the Aldelo System will show gigantic profits! Yeah so nice to dream. 🙂

I don’t know if I should share it here as I don’t know if anyone would even be interested in it. And I’m feeling pretty lazy right now so i would stop typing now.

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4 Responses  
  • Tau Huay Man writes:
    September 12th, 20119:21 pmat

    I tried baking pizza one time too. But I bought the crust since it was easier that way.. i will be more adventurous next time!

  • niceyfemme writes:
    September 12th, 201110:22 pmat

    It’s more rewarding doing everything from scratch… try it sometime! 🙂

  • Rob writes:
    June 3rd, 20126:18 pmat

    I’m interested, please post the dough recipe 🙂

  • niceyfemme writes:
    June 4th, 201210:44 amat

    HI Rob I’ll try to find my recipe that’s written in my recipe book that I can’t seem to find now. 🙁

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