How To Make Homemade Taho or Tau Huay
July 4th, 2011 by niceyfemme


(First time I’ve tried making a video so forgive me for mediocre editing skills.)

I’ve been bad, really bad at blogging as I’ve been behind with lots of posts. Like with this taho trial, this is now my second attempt and the first trial I haven’t posted here tsk tsk! This time, I used Gypsum or Calcium Sulfate or Plaster of Paris. Don’t worry, it is safe as you only eat a small amount of it with every bowl of this heavenly dessert. The first trial I did made use of GDL or Gluco Delta Lactone. It is what they say is healthier as it is naturally found in fruits. So now that I’ve tried both, I can better compare two taho using GDL and Gypsum.

By the way, I’ve tried searching for “How to make homemade taho” but I did not find any. Well there’s one, but purely instructions and no way to know if that recipe is reliable or not. I wanted one with photos so it’s easier to follow and I’ll know what to expect visually as if you are doing it yourself. So now, I’m doing it. It’s a bit of a challenge to take pictures and trying not to mess it up but the taho/ tau huay we ate tasted and looked exactly like taho so I definitely succeeded again.

I can proudly say I have successfully made taho using both lactone and gypsum. Oh yes!

Here’s my recipe:

200 grams of soy beans (pre-soaked overnight)

1 liter of water

3/4 tsp of gypsum/calcium sulfate EDIT: Or use 1/2 tsp of lactone/GDL instead of gypsum

60 ml. of water

For the Brown Sugar Syrup/Arnibal: Mix 1 part brown sugar and 1 part water and mix well . Bring to boil. (Use the darkest brown/black sugar you can find.)

Skinned and washed beans, 60 ml water to dilute the 3/4tsp gypsum in, 1 liter of water and sago (tapioca pearls).

Difference of soaked beans overnight and unsoaked beans.

Step 1. After soaking the beans over night, gently rub the soy beans with your fingers to remove the ‘skin’. Then wash the beans.

Step2. Put half of the beans and water into the blender. So two batches.  (If you have a bigger blender than ours, then go ahead blend all the soy beans and 1 liter of water at once.)

Pulse first. Important to do so since soy beans is one of the hardest beans there is. This is why we soak the beans overnight too, to soften it up.

Continue until well blended.

Step 3. Transfer to a cheesecloth to strain.

Then do the same with the second batch left.

Then squeeze until you get all the milk. (This is a workout in itself.) 🙂

Discard the white flesh(?) left in the strainer.

Then strain again in another container, total of 3 times.

Step 4. Transfer to a stock pot and boil in medium high heat. Stir once in awhile to prevent from overflowing. Once it boils, simmer for 10 minutes. Be careful with this part, you might burn your skin with overflowing soy milk.

Boiling soy milk rises quickly, be careful to prevent overflowing. Just stir quickly or lower the heat.

Step 5. After boiling, strain once more. Now you have soy milk. Set aside.

Step 6. Dilute the gypsum in 60 ml of water. Make sure it’s well diluted.

Step 7. In a rice cooker or any pot like clay pot that retains heat well, pour the gypsum-water mixture and soy milk from a height of 1 1/2 feet. This is to make sure that the gypsum and soy milk are diluted well. You CANNOT mix this at this point. Then cover with a hand towel then cover and set it aside and NEVER PEEK for 45 minutes.

Now you have your own homemade taho! I hope you have your sago or tapioca pearls and brown sugar syrup. I made mine using the darkest brown sugar I found, it’s so dark it’s almost black and it’s called negra. 🙂 My fussy mom with high standards likes my taho! I’m so happy.


The first time using GDL was successful too. I like that one too and using GDL is more forgiving with texture if you put a bit more GDL but it will taste a bit sour. With gypsum it has no taste but you have to make sure your soy beans and water ratio is correct, if not then you’ll have watery taho or if you put more then it will curdle. With GDL, the taho/tau huay/ tau fufa is more gelatine like and flatter, with gypsum it’s more springy(?) and like a flan. I hope I’m making sense. 🙂 So which I prefer? Hmmmn, I can’t choose I like them both. I like that I have them both in our kitchen though. I can just use whichever I prefer.

I bought my GDL or lactone in Phoon Huat in Singapore and it was S$1+.. I don’t remember anymore. The gypsum I was able to find in a bakery store in Bacoor after searching for it here (Philippines) for years and it was only PHp 28.00 per 500 grams so gypsum is cheaper and you only use 3/4 teaspoon per recipe. No wonder taho vendors get rich. Maybe I should make this into a business. Hmmmn…… But I should use GDL for people who love taho but is not comfortable using gypsum/ plaster of paris (even though it is safe).

Now start doing this ‘experiment’. It is very rewarding knowing you can make this at home. It was not an easy feat for me as information is not readily available and I had to make a lot of research for this. Oooh! I’m thinking of another business. Taho making kit! LOL!


EDIT: 15 July 2011

I made another batch of taho and it just gets easier and easier as you get more familiar with it. Oh and this time around, after pouring that gypsum-water solution and the soy milk, I quickly removed the foam on top and immediately placed the towel and closed it. The result is smooth top and you don’t have to throw away the foam once it’s set. I’ll make another batch on Sunday and this time I’ll try a different soy beans-gypsum ratio.

EDIT:  22 July 2012

Here’s a photo of GDL or lactone I buy in Phoon Huat in Singapore in case some of you are interested to know how it looks like. I usually put this in my check in baggage just to be safe. This is pretty cheap (SGD1+) but is more pricey than gypsum. You only use less than a tsp for every recipe so a bottle lasts long. I got real busy and had no time to make my taho recently, too bad these are now expired. 🙁



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251 Responses  
  • niceyfemme writes:
    November 25th, 20126:01 pmat

    calcium sulfate aka gypsum is food grade plaster of paris… 🙂

  • berna florendo writes:
    November 28th, 201211:13 amat

    hi tnx for ds recipe, found proportion for gypsum:soymilk recipe and made my homemade taho succesful many times..eACH time i would make 1-2liters only.
    but this morning i made 4L ube flavored and it came out curdly!!! nadudurog sya!the only changes i made is doubled up the gypsum powder but my previous attemps were succesful nmn with the doubled gypsum amounts..what could have gone wrong pleeeeaaaase!???
    1) could it be that the gypsum powder was expired?
    2) is there a perfect time or temp after boiling the milk before pouring it over to the diluted gypsum?
    3) could it have been the flavocol i used? coz before this my attemps were ok nmn.

    pls help on this matter, i was about to sell it in the market this morning but all efforts went pfffft!imagine squeezing 1k of soyabeans, sleeping at 1am, waking up at 5am for NOTHING! huhuhu…u may txt me at 0929-5928709 0r 0923-7270144. im not always online. thanks so much!

  • berna florendo writes:
    November 28th, 201211:32 amat

    hi pls help.. my flavored/plain taho attempts were always a success after finding ur recipe tnx so much. then i doubled up the gypsum powder and still it was ok many times. except today…..:-(
    i made 6liters of ube flavored and plain but both came curdly, nadudurog though it set naman.
    what could have gone wrong? expired gypsum?… or is there a perfect time and temp after boiling soymilk when i can pour it over the diluted gypsum? could it hv been the flavocol?
    I was about to sell it this morning in a bazaar but all efforts went pfffft!!!! Squeezed 1k beans by hand, slept 1am, washed all the utensils alone, woke up at 5am for nothiiiing!!!
    pls text me at 0929-5928709 or 0923-7270144 coz im not alwAYS ONLINE. TNX.

  • niceyfemme writes:
    November 29th, 201212:40 amat

    You should mix the gypsum mixture to the boiling gypsum immediately after taking it out of the flame… Maybe after just a minute or two… You need the boiled soymilk to be really hot.

    And I haven’t tried making flavored taho so your flavocol may have a different reaction to the other ingredients. So try first days or weeks ahead before selling for public consumption… 🙂

    Try again and let us know how it went…

  • PuffyBajul writes:
    February 4th, 201312:14 pmat

    Hi niceyfemme,

    Your blog really helpful, yesterday i tried follow ur receipt step by step everything was ok but the results was not as what i expected, i was trying it for 2x attempts
    1st Attempt: im using 2 ltr of water & 400 gram of SoyBean & 1 Teaspoon of GDL, the result is very watery and too firm & taste a bit sour. I tot maybe i need to increase the GDL on 2nd attempt
    2nd Attempt: using 1 ltr of water & 200 gram of SoyBean & 1 Teaspoon of GDL, the result is more watery than the first attempt & taste more sour than the 1st attempt…. I even left it to cool for 90 minutes….

    However Im not using the Ricecooker as showed on your blog, im using a Pan and closed it tight… is it cause the problem of watery & too firm & sour taste ?
    The rest of the ingredient (im using 1 kilos of Soybean) i was using for soymilk and the result was Great, the soymilk very rich in taste.


  • niceyfemme writes:
    February 4th, 20139:49 pmat

    Hi Puffybajul,

    Based on what you said, first,did you measure your ingredients accurately? Second, did you boil your soy milk for about 10 minutes? It could be the reason why yours is watery. About it being sour I think its because you put too much GDL. Thats the effect of too much GDL, it gives sour taste.

    Also it is VERY important to use a container (like my ricecooker) that keeps heat for a long time. I will not use a pan like you did that spells disaster. You could use a large claypot as claypots retain heat well. Let me know how it goes… 🙂 Good luck!

  • PuffyBajul writes:
    February 5th, 201310:22 amat

    Thanks for the suggestion 😉
    Yesterday i tried my #3rd attempts & yes i follow the ingradients accordingly
    I use 200 gram of Soybean, 1 liter of water, i got results of 1 liter of plain soymilk
    Then i simmer the soymilk for 15 minuts on medium heat (coz in 10 minute havent boiled), i got results of 800 ml of cooked soymilk
    I bought a new rice cooker already ha5x…
    Then i dilute 1/2 Teaspoon of GDL and poured the cooked soymilk together at height of 1 1/2 feet
    The Results is surprisingly much2x better than previous, but still a bit watery…. The taste is GREAT not sour, and i think still too firm compared to yours….

    After i consumed half portion, then i left my tahoo on my ricecooker opened for 8 hour and i checked this morning, the water is came out a lot, so the tahoo sink to its own tahoo water


  • niceyfemme writes:
    February 12th, 20138:31 pmat

    Simmering for 15 min I think is too long. If yours hasnt reached boiling point in 10 minutes it means your heat is too low.

    You can try using only 150 grams of soy beans and follow everything according to the recipe and you should have taho like mine…

  • yonygg writes:
    March 3rd, 20137:32 pmat

    I finally was able to buy Gypsum in Chinatown in L.A. but just when that happened my Soy Milk machine broke down and I was too lazy to make the Soy Milk manually like you did.
    So I tried your recipe with a store bought soy milk and the result was nothing!
    And I’m not sure wether the reason is the additives that are in the store-bought soy milk or they just sold me “fake” gypsum.
    Is there a way to test the Gypsum in order to make sure it’s not fake and this way I could isolate the problem down to the store-bought soymilk?

    Also, just to make sure – I shouldn’t turn the rice cooker on right? Just use it as a container right?

    I also have liquid Nigari. Do you know what ratio to use on the soymilk and Nigari in order to substitute the Gypsum with Nigari?

  • niceyfemme writes:
    March 4th, 201310:30 amat

    First thing make sure that the gypsum you bought is the one for cooking because there’s another one the chinese use for something else apparently they call it the same thing so really explain what you need to them especially if you dont speak chinese. I dont and I had a really hard time explaining that I gave up. I didnt get a hand on my gypsum from buying from a chinese store.

    Yes just as a container no need to turn it on.

    And no you cant use those soy milk all the preservatives will ruin it and will not solidify.

    Again I think you bought thd wrong kind of gypsum… sorry

  • Erbert Garcia writes:
    March 19th, 201311:39 pmat

    good day miss niceyfemme, gusto ko lang tanong kung puwede ko po ba gamitin yung mga photos mo ng pag gawa ng taho, meron po kasi akong study sa school regarding sa pag establish ng taho enterprise and nakita ko na ganito rin yung process na ginagawa nila. kung okay lang po gagamitin ko yung photos mo sa pag process ng taho and may I get your full name para po malagay ko po sa references at citations. paki email na lang po. salamat po.

  • niceyfemme writes:
    March 25th, 20138:29 pmat

    Thanks for being polite and you asked me first so sure you can use the photos. Katherine Cruz and use as well.

  • Kristine writes:
    April 4th, 20134:11 amat

    hello niceyfemme, your blog is really helpful. i have clarification lang, dun sa step 2, hinati mo into 2 batches kasi hindi kasya sa blender, so does this mean a total of 2 liters of water magagamit. 1 liter for the 1st batch and 1 liter for the 2nd batch? or hahatiin ko ang 1 liter for both the 1st and 2nd batch? thank you. 🙂

  • niceyfemme writes:
    April 5th, 201311:53 amat

    Hatiin lng ang 1 liter into two since yes hindi kasya 🙂

  • Ben Brian Fernandez writes:
    April 7th, 201312:35 pmat

    Hi. I also live here in Singapore. I’m new here and I don’t know where I can buy the Lacton/GDL. Is it available in any NTUC/Fairprice or any Shop and save? It would be a great help! I miss pinoy foods!

  • PuffyBajul writes:
    April 11th, 20139:24 amat

    Hi again,

    I have found out my problem, is because i use 200 grams of soaked soybean instead of using 200 gram of unsoaked soybean, im not too satisfied with the texture when using GDL as it wasnt solid enough but tasted great, im gonna tried using Gypsum. Also i put pinch of salt when making & use pandan leaves when making the soymilk, it give greater taste.

    1. I have read some website they added Cornstarch when using Gypsum will be the results better ?
    2. Do you know how to made Tau Huay like the one at Singapore, Lao Ban Tay Huay it was very famous with the long queue (i read some website as it was using Gelatine…)

    Thank You

  • niceyfemme writes:
    April 12th, 201312:28 pmat

    Try Phoon Huat. 🙂

  • Carlos writes:
    April 12th, 201311:11 pmat

    Hello po niceyfemme meron po bang pwedeng i-substitute sa Lacton/GDL like baking powder or baking soda? or kung may alam po ba kayo kung saan pwede bumili ng ganun here in the Philippines? fav ko po ito eh. 😀 bago po sana ako pumasok sa college gusto ko makagawa ng taho to share with my friends.

  • niceyfemme writes:
    April 16th, 20132:10 pmat

    Hi Carlos! No hindi mo pwede gamitin ang baking powder/soda because completely different and magiging epekto nun sa taho mo. You can try to use gypsum try mo magtanong tanong sa bilihan ng supplies ng taho, yung nagtitinda ng soy beans mga flours din… Good luck!

  • Eni writes:
    May 21st, 20139:43 amat

    Hi! Just wondering if you can convert it in US measuring system?

  • jk writes:
    June 3rd, 20138:59 amat


    Came across your blog on making Taho or the Singaporean call TauHuay.

    Looks really good.

    At Pebblio, we have our own appliance which allows you to make Soya Milk, Taho and Tofu and much more with no mess and external straining.

    All with one button operation and user friendly.

    Let me know what you think.

    Thanks again

  • Vicky writes:
    June 16th, 20134:07 amat

    Hi, is it 200g of unsoaked soybean or 200g of soaked soybean? Thank you!

  • Fernan Dela Rosa writes:
    June 23rd, 20131:30 amat

    Niceyfemme, last week I bought gypsum at Yusing General Merchandise in Blumentritt they sell it at Php35 per kg. They also sell soyabeans from Canada at Php48 per kg. Hope this can help those that are having a hard time sourcing the supplies for making taho. 🙂

  • niceyfemme writes:
    June 24th, 201311:12 pmat

    Thank you so much for sharing Fernan!

  • niceyfemme writes:
    June 24th, 201311:12 pmat

    200 grams of unsoaked soybeans. 🙂

  • Romy writes:
    July 26th, 20136:30 pmat

    @ Fernan Dela Rosa: Saan poh banda sa blumentritt? ano poh lapit na landmark

  • Connie writes:
    November 5th, 201312:54 amat

    Hello. Is there anything similar that can be used as replacement for lacton or gypsum? And, how long does the readymade taho lasts if it is place in refrigerator?

  • chris writes:
    November 15th, 20133:06 pmat

    hi…i tried to make taho and followed ur recipe…but messed up…the bottom part was okei but half of it was still milk…what did i do wrong?

  • niceyfemme writes:
    November 22nd, 201310:34 pmat

    You can use nifari but I personally haven’t tried that yet…

  • niceyfemme writes:
    November 22nd, 201310:36 pmat

    I guess your lactone/gypsum mixture is not mixed well with the soy milk? Did you pour it from a height like I did in the video? Thats the only reason I could think of… Good luck please try again 🙂

  • jonah writes:
    November 23rd, 20131:46 pmat

    hi where can i buy gypsum powder in cavite or manila area, do you have any idea?

  • niceyfemme writes:
    November 23rd, 20138:03 pmat

    Please read the comments, so many has shared where they buy their gypsum… I buy mine in zapote bacoor

  • Ana writes:
    January 30th, 201410:40 amat

    how can i reheat it?

    Thanks for the recipe i got it perfectly at this time 🙂

    Your a Star!

  • niceyfemme writes:
    February 14th, 201412:29 amat

    I havent tried to reheat it but for sure microwave will work… So happy you got to make it na 🙂

  • may bel writes:
    February 20th, 20146:53 amat

    If I dont have gypsum, what can I use?

  • Richard writes:
    March 5th, 20145:29 amat

    Short history first. I married a Filipina 5 years ago and August will be 5 years she has been here in Ohio with me. We have a small used bookstore and secondhand store together in one building. Our ultimate goal has been to have a Filipino restaurant so these two stores are bridges to get us there. Well we ran across a really good deal on some used restaurant equipment and made the purchase and are now in the process of selling the second hand store to remodel that side of the building and turn it into a take out restaurant.

    My wife has not liked any of my cooking as she says it is always too spicy and she worried she would have to do all of the work. I have told her I would help but she has been very leary knowing how I cook. So the other day I found a recipe for fish balls and she was hesitant to try but finally did and loved it. Next day I did chicken balls and she was quite impressed and couldn’t get enough. Third day was lumpia and all she could say was ” I think maybe we can make it with the restaurant your really getting good at making Filipina food!” LOL, So I had asked many times how to make tauhuay and she said she had no idea and didn’t know how to find out. Well I ran across your site and was excited until it was time to find gypsum.

    I went to the only Asian store in town and got the soy beans but the Korean that runs the store didn’t have a clue about gypsum or lactone. I was very discouraged and was sitting here sulking when deep into many pages of a google search I ran across a small article about home brew makers using gypsum for brewing beer. Guess what? Right across the street from my bookstore is a home brew supplier!! I practically ran across the street and low and behold he had a 56.7 gram bottle for $1.60 usd! I also got my cheesecloth there so next trip I have to hunt the tapioca pearls and I will be all set for my first try. I am not telling the wife what I am doing but am going to make it and surprise her with it if it turns out good. I will follow up soon and let you know the outcome. I hope it works well and I can add it to my list of items to carry in out restaurant. Thank you so much for your research and blog.

  • Ferdinand writes:
    April 16th, 20142:43 amat

    can you use regular soymilk that is available in grocery store instead of making soymilk on your recepie?

  • Tess writes:
    April 17th, 201412:46 pmat

    Can you please tell me the proportion of soymilk to lactone. Bought one liter of soymilk and thinking of making my hot taho at home. Thank you

  • Sarah MUM writes:
    April 21st, 20149:04 amat

    Hi! Thanks for the recipe! .I was able to make Taho using homemade Almond Milk and gelatin (My DH & DD are G6PD Deficient so I can’t use soya). It set fine but had to eat it cold (which I like) because it will turn to milk again when heated. Anyway, It was still super delicious and my friends and I enjoyed it tremendously! I just finished making Taho again today with soybeans but using agar agar this time (as per my friends’ requests)… I found Gypsum on Amazon and will try to do it again when my order arrives… Thanks again.

  • maria writes:
    May 24th, 20148:49 amat

    hi nf im excited to try your recipe tomorrow wish me luck . instead of using rice cooker i thought i’d use my slow cooker the pot is ceramic so it should retain heatnwell what do you think?

  • cristina writes:
    June 21st, 201410:31 amat

    hello, nice to have finally found a recipe for taho..any suggestion as to where i can buy GDL? i’m in Canada right now.. any online site that sells GDL the same as yours?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Dalisay sebastian writes:
    July 1st, 20144:43 pmat

    wow… il try to follow your recipe…but thx n advance for sharing your recipe…

  • Cristine writes:
    July 18th, 20143:29 amat

    Thanks for sharing! I also found gypsum online. They call is Terra Alba, here’s the site I bought mine from. sadly, my experiments have ended up pretty fail lol I used my soy milk maker… My guess is that my mixtures are off, and well, after a while, I gave up. I will definitely try your method and your measurements.

  • Maureen Agarao writes:
    July 27th, 201412:44 amat

    Kind hearted, admirable lady, Niceyfemme. Being so generous and unselfish in sharing how to make my all time favorite taho. I was able to master making it in one click of a finger! My family and friends enjoy whenever I make it. I would like to show a picture of what it’s like. Where can I send it?

  • Len writes:
    August 18th, 20148:06 pmat

    Hi Nicey I was searching on the net about taho and I came across your blog.. It really looks yummy!!! am now collecting my ingredients and the only ingredient I don’t have is the GDL or GYPSUM. But I won’t give up until I complete it so I can try your style. Thank you for sharing this with us…

    I am just curious what’s going to happen if you don’t peel the beans after soaking overnight. Does it have an effect on the finish product?

  • Che writes:
    October 15th, 201411:10 pmat

    Hi! I was just wondering if Epsom Salt will work instead of the gypsum or GDL. Because that’s all I have available. Thanks!

  • Anna writes:
    November 24th, 20144:46 pmat

    Hi Nicey! I just want to ask where exactly in Bacoor the bakery you’ve mentioned, where I can buy the gypsum or Calcium sulfate? Thanks.

  • Nem, writes:
    March 11th, 20158:39 amat

    I read your article and I like it. I will be trying it this morning here in Manila. Tnx for the instructions. Good day. I will write a blog later of what happened.

  • Jeraldine writes:
    March 24th, 20151:08 amat

    Is it safe to say I can buy soy milk already and just add the gypsum?

  • niceyfemme writes:
    March 25th, 20159:26 pmat

    I have not tried using pre made soy milk..

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