Carmex Lip Balm: Half Off!
Jul 28th, 2011 by niceyfemme

No, I don’t mean half price off, but what I saw when I first opened my new Carmex lip balm. It is literally half off. And the balm reached the cover so if I want to use it I have to use my tiniest finger to reach for it.

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Justin and Jeremy: The cutest twins ever!
Jul 27th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Saw this is facebook. If you haven’t seen this then you’re missing major cuteness overload.

Can sing too! Not just a kid singing along with the song, but a kid singing IN TUNE. Has the moves too. Wow. I’m sooo impressed with them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now the idea of having boys in the future is not as bad as I thought if they are going to be as cute as these two. Their parents must be so proud of them! Oooh specially the grandma and grandpas. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mr Pustiso in Pinoy Henyo
Jul 22nd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Oh my G! This made me laugh so hard I am already teary eyed. I love this kind of ‘jokes’, natural, real, unintentional and therefore absolutely funny. I just love the guy’s reaction when his false teeth fell, like he’s so embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do.. Vic Sotto who also cannot help but laugh made it even funnier. Oh the poor guy’s partner laughed as well and it’s like their just all friends hanging out and something embarrassing happened too bad for him it happened when the whole country is watching!

I love shows like this where it’s so light and you end up feeling good.ย Just feel good shows. I hope there will be more like this. It made my heavy heart a ton lighter with the laughter….

Nasi Lemak
Jul 16th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I want extra hor fun on the side please… How I miss the nearby hawker in our area where this nasi lemak costs only $2!

How much I miss you.. That crunchy chicken wing skin.. That aromatic coconut flavored rice… The combination of everything……

Let me find joy in looking at you NL.

How to Roast Chicken using Charcoal in a Big Pot ala Weber Grill
Jul 15th, 2011 by niceyfemme

For some reason I wanted roasted chicken that I prepared and cooked. But electricity cost in this country I’m in at the moment would make you think twice about using the oven for hours. And I’m cowboy this way. I have always wanted to try these kinds of things myself.

(Juicy and oh-so delicious chicken!)

I have observed how the local roasting shops’ machines operate, I think it’s very simple in fact. There’s just charcoal and the thing that rotates the chickens around so it all cooks evenly. Ohh I like lechon manok (roasted chicken) of Beski’s (?) but they have closed. (This scares me, a good business with yummy products and a very loyal market has closed..) So I decided to roast my own chicken and do it camping style.

No flash. I wanted to show the live coals which is not evident with the pictures with flash.

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Oh just a reminder
Jul 15th, 2011 by niceyfemme

If you also want to grill the way I did. If you are into this kind of things.

That it gets so hot! Of course because it’s live coals. Drink lots of water and try to keep your distance from the heat of the coals… We used a long wooden spoon as extension of the rotisserie stick. If you have very sensitive, smooth and silky baby-like skin then you must insure it haha no really you better have the type of life insurance for skydivers as it will really do something to your skin. Just to be safe. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t clearly describe it but after grilling I had some rashes and redness from this little experiment. Just saying. ย Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rediscovered love for Jobee
Jul 14th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I’m a bit plump again from all the eating. I eat when I’m sad and I can’t stop. My self control has been pretty weak these past months I don’t know why. Another bad thing is that I rediscovered my love for Jollibee and I’ve been craving for their Spaghetti and burger yum all the time and I let myself have them (I have to have them together, spaghetti WITH burger) and if I’m totally feeling rebellious I would add in some fries. I’ve been drinking 7-Up too… It’s like I have never had this drink before it’s that good. I need apidexin for everything I’ve been eating! I need intervention… STAT!!!

If only I have half a million dollars
Jul 13th, 2011 by niceyfemme

If only… If only!!!! I don’t need and want a lot. Just enough for a comfortable life and enough that we don’t need to work in a different country and be away from my family. Life…..

I’d buy a residential lot and have an architect put together the specific designs of my dream house. I have collected pictures so when the time comes we are ready, it will be easier to have it built. I have seen branson real estate at and I am impressed. I’m ok with a regular and simple place though. I want our lot to have a high fence for additional feeling of security. I want a house with high ceilings. I dream of a patch of land that could accommodate an organic garden where I’ll grow tomatoes. Ahhhhh day dreaming is nice…..

How To Make Homemade Taho or Tau Huay
Jul 4th, 2011 by niceyfemme


(First time I’ve tried making a video so forgive me for mediocre editing skills.)
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