Pressure cooker
Apr 28th, 2011 by niceyfemme

At this time I’m writing this, I’m using the pressure cooker to cook the beef for my beef rendang. This is pretty exciting! It also scared me a bit. This is the first time I cooked using this new pressure cooker as I’m used to cooking with the other one. The kitchen smells beefy goodness! Kind of weird for me as 6 to 10 years ago I was not eating any red meat, no beef no pork. Now I let myself have them. There are dishes that just taste better with beef and chicken will just not work.

Let’s see how this will fare to the first trial I did before with this beef rendang dish. I’m actually done with the kerisik and it gave me some arm exercise. I was pounding the mortar and pestel for hours to make the oils come out. But I know this is all worth it. Again I love the internet, you don’t need cook books now. Anyone can feel like they have teaching degrees with all the information and mastery they can learn from the internet. Life is good!

Another kitchen trial coming up
Apr 27th, 2011 by niceyfemme

One of the dishes I learned to love in Singapore aside from the usual Chicken Rice, Char Kway Teow and fried carrot cake is Beef Rendang. I love it! It’s like our Beef Kaldereta but somewhat different. Both are quite addicting! But I don’t know how to cook this to taste like how they cook it there. I tried to cook this before using the a mix and slow cooker and a mediocre kerisik (toasted coconut) which was all the first time I tried making them. I was only armed with research from the beloved internet.

The result of that first trial was good. But not good enough. I want it to be addicting. For me at least. So now, with another beef rendang mix on hand, I’ll try once more this yummy yummy dish. I have bought more than a kilo of beef shank as I love the tendons(?) but you could also use brisket, coconut milk and grated coconut to make kerisik. Ooh. This beef rendang experiment starts with the kerisik and it in itself is already a challenge. A challenge for my arms. I’ll take pictures to show what I mean. I can’t wait to start with this! I’m not using the slow cooker this time, but I will pre-cook the beef in pressure cooker because tough meat is a big disappointment for me. Then I will have to saute the beef in the sauce plus water and coconut milk. Simmer for a long time. This is when le creuset cookware is perfect. I can’t wait!

Hey you
Apr 27th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I have a lot of things in my mind but I can’t tell them to you. No, I will not fall to the same trap you keep on going on since forever. No ping pong rules for us anymore. We are not friends anymore. You hurt me. Caused me harm and didn’t defend me from the devil person you love so dearly. I can’t stand that person and you love him. But that is life. I guess this is the price I have to pay for choosing to never see that person again, and that is never having to see you either.

Going crazy over pizza!
Apr 27th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I can’t get pizza out of my mind. Seriously. I have browsed all the major pizza chain’s websites here like Shakey’s, Pizza Hut, Yellow Cab, and Greenwich. Now I know which store you can order online and another store where you can pay through Paypal (Shakey’s). But I’m still stopping myself! Why? Because I can’t give in to every craving I have or I’ll balloon! One more thing, I need to save big time. But with the reward card of Shakey’s, I’m thinking of going for it. It’s a great deal.

I need to be firm
Apr 26th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Someone who used to be a special person in my life is trying to initiate communication again. Hmmmn… how to explain this? This person used to be with me everyday for four long years. We spent Christmas together, went shopping, eating out, and watching movies together. But things changed after the fourth year. Another person came into the picture and I was not given much importance. Still I tried to understand. BUT when I was put in danger because of them, I decided enough is enough. Many people have told me that person do not deserve the friendship I shared willingly. I know who you really are, maybe even more than you know yourself. You can wear even a sexy nurse outfit to impress people with how you look, but I know who you really are and what you did. And who you are as a person is what matters to me.  You belong together. And I prefer not to have you back in my life. You don’t deserve me.

Busy as a bee
Apr 23rd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Time’s passing by so fast like wind. I can’t barely grasp it. I really have to make much much effort to take pictures everyday so I would be able to remember the days that has passed by and if I’m diligent enough to update this blog as regularly as possible, the better.

I’ve only not able to take pictures the past two months I guess? The last two times I remember to have taken lots of pictures was in Camotes Island in Cebu with Mommy and Universal Studios with Bee. Even those I haven’t posted here. Bad bad me. I still have all the photos piling in my memory card, haven’t even transfered them to my external drive. I’m really considering online data backup, promising to be very useful.

And now, I have a couple of kitchen experiments recently. Taho or tau huay or soya beancurd, siopao or steamed buns and soya ice cream like Mr. Bean’s. Some are successful, some unfortunately needs improvement and another one’s a complete disaster. Where should I begin?

Too much and too little
Apr 21st, 2011 by niceyfemme

Whoah. I just watched a show on television showing houses of celebrities, after watching a documentary show by GMA 7 about the poorest barangay in the Philippines. The locals’ kids have only eaten corn, banan and sweet potatoes their whole lives, while the celebrities eat super expensive meals prepared by their personal chefs. Total contrast I can see.

House made in bamboo and others scrap materials to luxurious mansions with the most gorgeous bathroom vanities. I’m the kind of person who is into everything in moderation and simplicity of life. Wow I just went blank. I just think it’s so unfair. And I am even more thankful for all the blessings I have in my life. I don’t have a lot, but just enough for a comfortable life. Thanks to the power four.

Internet is ♥
Apr 21st, 2011 by niceyfemme

More than 12 years ago, during this time of the year, is the time I get crazy bored. Why? No TV, and no internet yet. Or if there is already, it’s not like how it is today, like everyone has it or at least has access to it. I remember I would read again and again my collection of Hanson magazines never mind that I have read them a hundred times before. I felt like the seconds and minutes of the few days are so slow like it’s crawling. Just to save my sanity I’d do anything. Partly blame that to my age then. 🙂

But now? I need not worry. Because there’s internet! As long as I have internet, I’ll be fine. I can read non-stop to my heart’s content from political issues to a50, and do so many kitchen experiments from information I get from the internet. Yes I love looking for recipes online, those with comments from fellow foodies and cooks. I believe they are more reliable as they I know how other people find it.

Kids today are so lucky. Really. They can do their homeworks and projects by researching from the net. While I still experienced going to the library. Internet for me is more of a blessing. I’m totally thankful to it. Are you?


Heightened sense of smell
Apr 19th, 2011 by niceyfemme


My nose is working crazy. Every time I go out, I get dizzy with the things I smell. Like in MRT, say my nose has already gotten used to the distinct MRT smell (mix of sweat, body odour and other things I do not want to know) and I could keep a poker face all these years. But that changed recently. I get dizzy with the smell. I’d rather smell ashton cigars (I don’t smoke and I don’t appreciate second hand smoke either) than be stuck in the MRT for 10-15 minutes and keep a straight face. I just can’t. So if I’m not in a hurry, I just take the bus.

Yesterday I was doing shopping in SM and I can’t stand the smell of meats. What’s up!

Some kind of chaos
Apr 19th, 2011 by niceyfemme

Yesterday, after my successful attempt at making homemade taho or soya beancurd or tau huay (which I still have to make a post about), it gave me much more courage and inspiration to try to make another experiment. It’s siopao asado or if I can, I want to try char siew pao. I brought home Hong Kong flour as I want my siopaos to be very white.

I never want to leave the comfort of our house to go out and conquer the sizzling heat of the summer sun but I had to buy my ingredients so I waited until late in the afternoon to go to SM. I haven’t been to SM in a while so it shocked me to see the long lines/queues at that day and time it’s like there’s a give away sale for Ipod Shuffle for Php1. I forgot it’s Holy Week and the store is gonna close by Wednesday. Oooh that’s why.

Also, the aisles are so packed, turns out they’re renovating. It’s about time as this mall is the oldest one in this area, so outdated. So after I got everything I needed I headed home but not before buying Shakey’s pizza. I wasn’t able to stop myself as I’ve been craving for pizza the past weeks. Not happy with it though, the crust is too thin. Next time, either I try their hand tossed crust or I’ll settle for Greenwich. I should satisfy this crazy pizza craving while I’m here as it’s cheaper here, it’s expensive somewhere else!

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