Useful little things
March 11th, 2011 by niceyfemme

A stainless steel measuring cup, an egg ring/sunny side up egg mold/cookie cutter, a pineapple peeler and a handy size rolling pin just perfect for rolling out Indian chapati or Mexican flour tortillas (which is a favorite of mine these days) are the small cutie things I have found in my happy place (where you’ll find great quality vintage hardware pieces) in addition to the Japanese Rice cooker which is our favorite, the personal Sukiyaki Hot Pot Nabe Set and of course my Takoyaki pan which I has used a lot of times already, also used for my experiments with Aebleskivers.

You just have to have an eye when going in these stores. My current favorite thing that I’ve been using frequently that I bought from there is my small rolling pin. I found it under a pile of what looked like junk. It looked dirty but I know I could clean it. Even I was amazed how much it “sparkled” after I cleaned it. It was just dirty when I bought it but it’s steal at it’s top most shape. Bought it for Php10! 🙂 I love these kind of stores. Heaven sent for someone like me. I wouldn’t buy spoons by the way.

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    July 20th, 20124:48 pmat

    […] So I have to make them at home where I am sure it’s clean and not dangerous for my baby. It just gets a little too hot deep frying this so better to make this outdoors especially if you have an outdoor ceiling fan. I just found a recipe online (and I already lost it tsk tsk) and gave it a go. Here I used my japanese cast iron hot pot nabe pan. I also bought this in my previously happy place. That’s also where I bought the useful little things I love.. […]

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