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Updating. 🙂


When we went to Cebu, we wanted to experience local life and local food. We were there for only a few days so to experience local life would not be possible but local food is doable. So I did a little bit of research and I learned about Larsian.

Larsian is a barbeque or grill place the locals always head to when craving for ihaw-ihaw. There would be grilled chicken of different parts including breast, leg, wings and even liver and intestines. So after we went to hear mass in the Basilica of Sto. Niño of Cebu (or Basilica Minore del Santo Niño) we headed to Larsian branch closest to where we were and it was in Fuente Osmeña Circle.

When we entered the compound like area, everyone started to call us into their stall. As in everyone. Well I did my research and I read about a good stall to try which is Lito and Mercy. So Mommy and I looked for it. Then we ordered a stick or two of chicken breast, liver and intestines just to experience it and ordered some for take away.

Hmmmn… It was good. The chicken breast is good as well as the liver, the intestines (isaw) I don’t like because it’s bitter. We also had the puso (hanging rice?) or packed rice inside the leaves(?). It’s the same as the one we have in Singapore with satay called ketupat.

Thanks Mommy for going with me. We were both exhausted but you still went along with me. I love you! Oh the exhaustion reminded me that it is the best if you’re after quick weight loss. 🙂

And this is how the area looks like.

See they all have their attention to new customers. 🙂

Over all it was an experience to remember when in Cebu. Mommy and I distinctly remember the heavy smoke though. It hurt our eyes and our clothes and hair smell strongly of the place too. But at least we got to try it and add to our precious memories together which is priceless.

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