My new toy: A Takoyaki Pan!
February 3rd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Wheww! I’m so excited. I love this feeling when I found something I would love to have and get it at a fraction of it’s original cost. I have mentioned in here before that while other women love shoes and bags ( I do too, but not that much) mine is kitchen gadgets. Specially ones that are new to me.

I have seen an iron cast takoyaki pan in Singapore years ago when I roam around in one of my happy places which is the kitchen appliances section of the mall and I remember it was so heavy and expensive. Like more than SGD 100 plus so even though it intrigued me, I didn’t buy it. Also, it will be very heavy to carry to bring home. Luggage allowance is also another thing I considered.

I have mentioned in a recent post yesterday, about my newly discovered happy place, which is surplus shops. I have bought a few cheap things in there and two days ago I dropped by there to check out some new deliveries. I checked the piles of stocks and found this.

A takoyaki pan! My heart started to beat a little faster haha I really hoped it will not be fall above the budget I’m willing to pay for a second hand item. The girl who assisted me asked her boss the price. They quoted Php 380 for this and I haggled. She dropped the price to Php 350, then to Php 300. But I still wasn’t happy with the price so I asked her if she could asked her boss if they can give it at Php 250. She came back with a positive answer and said, that’s the best ever price they can give. So I decided to take it. A cast iron takoyaki pan at Php 250 is a steal! But when I was about to pay for it, I started to think twice. I try to control compulsive buying, I might just be too excited. Then they told me, they can’t really give it at that price and brought the price back at Php 300. That gave me the excuse to not buy. I thought I would give myself much time to think about it and if I really like it.

Then I browsed the net about takoyaki pans. Different types, price and make. I realized that is really a steal. This is price from USD 25  to USD 100 and that’s without shipping. I also remembered the takoyaki pans I found in Singapore and the huge price. I decided to go back the next day and buy and truly hope no one would find it interesting and buy it.

Then I went back and can’t find it. I thought it was sold already turned out they placed it somewhere else. They gave it at Php 280! Yey! I can already picture how pretty nice the takoyaki balls will look like served in the boat platter then placed in one of the modern coffee tables.  So excited.

And when they were wrapping it up, I found a tall glass I can’t resist. By the way, I love different styles(?) of glasses and I’d always buy a piece of glass with an interesting design. This tall glass is priced at Php 120 but they gave it at Php 80.

Twice as tall.

Of course I didn’t get the takoyaki pan like it’s brand new. There was some rust and I had to re-season it. Ooh I can’t wait to try using this. I love it that now I have this pan and I got it at an awesome price!

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  • millet:) writes:
    February 7th, 20112:21 pmat

    I love Takoyaki! ! ! Very clever of you with the takoyakiki very nice eh?

  • niceyfemme writes:
    February 8th, 20111:06 pmat

    Hi Millet. I’m loving the possibilities this pan is giving me. I’m searching for Japanese Specialty stores to buy a pre-made takoyaki mix as it’s hard to find other ingredients for an authentic takoyaki recipe and even that I don’t have yet!

  • Niceyfemme's Bitter-Shweet Corner » Blog Archive » My Takoyaki Experiment writes:
    February 21st, 20119:50 pmat

    […] since I bought my beloved takoyaki grill pan, I’ve been dying to make my own takoyaki. But. I don’t have a reliable recipe. […]

  • Monette writes:
    October 12th, 20122:35 pmat


    I have a canteen business..and i want to try selling Takoyaki..but i dont know where to buy Takoyaki Grill Pan..and i dont know also where to buy the Sauce that they are putting when the Takoyaki is done..i know the one is mayonaise but how about the brown one.

    Can you help me?



  • Monette writes:
    October 12th, 20122:44 pmat


    Hello again..may i know also where to buy Waffle Maker in a low price..thank you in advance if you’ll help me.

  • niceyfemme writes:
    October 14th, 201211:32 amat

    You can try those Japanese surplus shops but I don’t recommend the electric ones as they may not be safe. As for the recipe you can always use the internet and make them yourself it’s a trial and error but that will work. Or you can buy a cook book about takoyaki

  • jessa balanza writes:
    September 22nd, 20151:48 amat

    hm po ito im from manila how can i get?

  • Jad writes:
    January 28th, 20162:06 pmat

    Hello! can i ask how much is your takoyaki pan?

  • rhoda writes:
    September 11th, 20179:48 pmat

    Please email me how much is your takuyaki pan. thank you

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