My new happy place
February 2nd, 2011 by niceyfemme

Recently, I’ve been frequenting second hand shops. I discovered them while I was researching on where to buy affordable and yet quality folding bikes.I love it there! You can find so many interesting things. But I’m careful with what I buy. And I try to stop myself from buying expensive things. I try to stay away from electronics as it might be defective.

Once Mommy and I were in Emilio Aguinaldo Highway on our way to Imus and as usual it was traffic. I’ve been bugging Mommy to accompany me to surplus shops in Pier 4 in Manila so when we passed by a surplus warehouse in Imus, we decided to park the car in Cavite Coliseum(?) not too sure though and walk back to the place. We like a set of really nice stemmed glasses and a few ramekins.

Then Mommy told me about another one in Niog near Jollibee. I visited it once and found 5 really cute clay pots perfect for sauces and at only Php30, that’s only Php 6 each! I still love them until now.

Ok, to be honest, I don’t want to share this great shopping find and be selfish hehe as I don’t want those places to be crowded and to have more competition for cutie finds but I can’t help myself. 🙂 There’s just way too many interesting stuffs you can find there, even wrestling singlets! This is something great worth sharing to anyone who doesn’t have a very delicate taste. So if you don’t mind using stuff that has been used before you, then go ahead and start the “hunting”.

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    February 3rd, 20116:02 amat

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    March 11th, 20119:47 pmat

    […] flour tortillas (which is a favorite of mine these days) are the small cutie things I have found in my happy place (where you’ll find great quality vintage hardware pieces) in addition to the Japanese Rice […]

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  • Brandy writes:
    July 23rd, 20129:35 amat

    oh dear.. u are the answer to my prayers.. I have been looking for gypsum and then u said it could be bought in a bakery in Zapote.. really cool.. lol.. then as I was browsing through ur page, I came to see u also have that takoyaki pan I’ve always been wanting to have.. galing mo naman… thnx so much..

    so I could get that takoyaki pan from that surplus shop u mentioned.. near Cavite coliseum? I can’t wait to go there and then to zapote for the gypsum… thnx so much again.. ur my angel!

  • niceyfemme writes:
    July 23rd, 20128:18 pmat

    About the takoyaki pan well you know surplus shops.. whatever arrives in their store they sell not like department stores where they can order what they want to sell… So it’s no guarantee that they may have it to sell again… Just try your luck browsing and you might get lucky like me 🙂

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