January 16th, 2011 by niceyfemme

I’ve been going crazy researching about  my recently diagnosed condition called PCOS,  and about my bout with my weight (which is associated with PCOS too) which I am going to discuss further on the next post coming up. (Oh and I’ve also been reading about car insurance quotes given to us to check if it’s competitive but that’s way out of this topic)

If feel like my head is going to explode with all the videos I’ve been watching, and with everything that I’ve been reading. I won’t let this health condition win and I’ll do everything to make myself knowledgeable so I know what to avoid, and how to lessen the symptoms.

To be honest, it is a bit scary to know that I have this because I’ve always taken good care of myself with the healthy foods I eat, I don’t smoke and don’t drink. Alright I am no saint, I do eat fast food once in a while and drink once in a blue moon to help me sleep but that’s it.

I’ve always known that something is not right with my period but I was scared to have my fears confirmed. I used the reason of health care being expensive to delay me getting checked, or that St.Luke’s is too far.

But last December, I was (and still is) eagerly awaiting for my period who’s been lazy in making a visit once a month since October and the nervousness was making me crazy so I told myself, that come January, after the holidays I’ll go to Asian Hospital in Alabang (which is only a 30 minute drive from where we live) to give myself some peace of mind.

Then two weeks ago I finally went there. I talked to a doctor, an OB-GYN who also specializes in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. I need to know that, when the moment comes that I want to have a baby already, my body is capable to do so.

So I underwent some very expensive tests the first day I went to see the doctor and I was prescribed Provera to induce my period which is so freaking expensive too. at Php 73 each, I was asked to take it thrice a day for 5 days. She told me to wait for the period in 1-2 weeks and it’s been 10 days and my period still not showing up.

Then last Friday, I came back for the results. Then she confirmed that I have some ‘pearls’ in my ovary. She prescribed different pills to try and see which works best for me but I can’t start unless my most awaited visitor shows up.

PCOS is very common with women my age and 5-9 % has this but that still doesn’t make me feel good about it. I would appreciate it if some other women who’s going through PCOS too will share their experiences with me. Who else understands but someone going through it as well? Please do share some thoughts.

Oct 04,2011 Edit: I deleted the name of the doctor as I no longer will be going back for her services. I will be looking for a new doctor who knows how to listen to her patient.

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  • lilo writes:
    February 7th, 20116:49 pmat

    do u know dr koa-malaya’s other schedule in other hospitals? just in case you know… ive been having a hard time lookin for it on the web…

  • niceyfemme writes:
    February 8th, 20111:04 pmat

    Hi Lilo. As far as I remember, Dr. Malaya only has a clinic in Asian Hospital and one in Batangas City. As for her schedule I’ll edit this post and add in her business card details.

  • lilo writes:
    February 23rd, 201112:02 pmat

    thanks. i will go see her tommorow, i have pcos too. i didnt like that other asian doctor who made me go through a P28,000 lab test in pgh just for a freakin pcos diagnosis which u can see easily make sure of through ultrasound. yay goodluck to us

  • niceyfemme writes:
    February 23rd, 201112:56 pmat

    Wow that is expensive. Yes goodluck to us. 🙂

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