Review: Which is the better Tuna Paella in Can?
December 15th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Their commercials intrigued me. Having an interest with anything that’s labeled healthy, I just had to try them myself. And I like paella. There’s one paella that I still remember though, the one we had in Boracay and I’m hoping one of these two will taste kind of similar to that.

The first tuna paella that came out in the market is the San Marino Tuna Paella which a popular couple celebrity in the commercial. I thought tuna paella is a great idea. So I bought two cans. I tried it and even though there was a lot of tuna in that can, the taste however didn’t suit my taste buds. I didn’t even finish the can as I only ate about a tablespoon.

Then this week while doing in the supermarket, this Century Tuna Paella caught my eye. I thought, “Haha, Wow I love rivalry!”. So I bought a can; only one can as I only wanted to try it.

I have to admit that I have a lot of tunas in can I like from the Century label. I like their flakes in oil and recently, I’ve been stocking on Century Corned Tuna. I like it in my sandwiches with light mayo. Oh their Bangus fillet is nice too. But I have an open mind in trying the San Marino brand too as I believe that competition is the best tool to bring out the best quality in a product e.g. tuna paella, in this case.

I haven’t really thought about making a review about this two competing brands but when I opened Century Tuna’s Tuna Paella today, I got the idea. Well I like this. Suits my taste more. Php 2.00  more expensive than San Marino’s also. I noticed there’s only a few tuna flakes and there was more in comparison to San Marino’s. I have to say though that Century Tuna is doing a great job in the taste department. They get the Filipino taste buds, they know what Filipinos like. While San Marino gives me this appeal that it is more in quality department.

I’ve been good to my so called diet this past two weeks and I can eat all this tuna and still can fit nice in a lingerie hehehe…. Super bods yeah? 😉

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