Beautybrick Hair Art Studio
December 6th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Is where I had my digiperm.

It’s still only a few days after it’s done and the curls will still “relax” so I don’t know if I like it or not. I like how it looks now but it will still change so let’s see. But so far kudos to them because at least ¬†they were able to curl my hair. When I had my hair permed in Propaganda last year, the curl didn’t stay curled after I washed it two days later. Bummer. And Propaganda is twice more expensive than Beautybrick.


I did some reading online for “advice” as I didn’t know where to go. There were pros and cons with this salon but I gave it a try. So I set an appointment. I knew where Jupiter street was so it was a surprise when I found the salon hard to locate! Hmmnn… it’s because they don’t have a sign outside the building.

Parking was quite memorable.

Parking in front of the building was full so I was told there’s basement parking. The guard asked me if I have a driver (I parked in Red Ribbon to look for the salon which turned out to be in the nest building) I told him no and I wondered why he asked that. Then I saw the basement parking and the drive way to it, I understood why. It is so steep! like 45 degree angle! But I was brave enough to do it and drove in reverse direction, rear part first. When I was in that angle already when it sink in to me and got scared actually. It was the steepest I’ve ever drove into and the basement is poorly lighted. I stepped on the brakes but I was still moving down fast I thought I should use the hand brake but before I was able to the speed lessen already. I thought I was heading to crash in the wall. If you see the basement parking you’ll understand what I’m saying. Is it bad that this is what I remember vividly going to Beautybrick salon?


First thing they told me was that their translator is not coming to work on that day and that got me worried since Mr. Shin (the owner/stylist) is not good in English but only Japanese and Korean. They asked if I want to just go back some other day since I made it very clear that I’m worried about that. It is scary enough to have a perm for the first time but even more so when there’s a communication problem. How can I tell them what I want and how can Mr. Shin give suggestions what he thinks will look good on me. After thinking about it, I decided to brave through it. I can’t just go back some other time, waste of gas, effort and time.

It took 3 hours to finish. I didn’t like how it looks on that day but I knew it’s because of how they styled it and it will look different once I wash and style it myself.

Now I have washed it and styled it myself, it’s fine. Though I’m not happy where my curls started, it’s too low. I’m thinking if I should go back for a re-touch or re-do. There is a one month warranty if you’re not satisfied. Hmmmn let’s see.

Didn’t get to take photos as I was really worried about how my hair will turn out reason why my hand was so sweaty. I’d really appreciate it then if they have hand dryers there. If I go back I’ll try to update. Thanks to the respective owners of the photos I found from Beautybricks facebook page.

Unit 103, Dona Consolacion Bldg. 122 Jupiter ST. Bel-Air, Makati City (near Franck Provost Salon and Red Ribbon)

Monday-Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

02.473.5108 / 0917.520.0044

Edit: I’m sorry I totally forgot to update this post. I went back to them to fix my curls as I wasn’t satisfied with it, scared the curls will be gone in a few weeks. Went back there, then they repeat everything, gave me my tighter curls. Now at 5 months (May 2011) I still have some waves. It depends how you take care of your curls. If I want more defined curls, I apply wax while it’s still 50% damp. I have to say though, that my hair is hard to keep curls (I tried in Propaganda in Greenbelt 1 before and my hair was back to how it was after I bathe) and they’re able to give me curls. So I’m satisfied with them.

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