Tiny Raisin Cinnamon Rolls
November 18th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I know this doesn’t look tiny but it’s diameter is only 5 inches. I love this! The cinnamon rolls I baked last year was the regular size I guess, which is too big for one person to finish and I realized some factors which I could improve.

First, of course is the size. Aside from the reason mentioned above, I think rolls this size is just sooo cute! That’s from a person who likes things in smaller scale. Second, is the moistness and softness of the bread. This one is way way better. Third, is the sweetness. The batch last year was too sweet. So I adjusted that this time. And lastly, I added a light frosting which helps retain moistness and add taste.

We already ate half of this, ate this as dessert. I was too full and yet I can’t stop hehe.

I read a lot of recipes online for hours and sometimes I get distracted with some interesting acne skin care articles but I still managed to find one that seem to have potential then tweaked it a bit to adjust sweetness etc.

So moist, gooey, not too sweet, perfect size, perfect indeed. I feel like I’m getting better at baking, finally! 🙂

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