Spiral Curry Puff
November 3rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

One of my favorites in Singapore is Old Chang Kee’s (OCK) Curry Puff.  Almost everyday I’ll have this, well I can’t help it when I see an OCK outlet I have buy one or two or if not this then their popular chicken wing then.

Three different levels of doneness.

When I’m in Singapore I miss Filipino foods and when I’m in the Philippines I miss my Singapore favorites. So when bad as in real bad cravings hit, I have to do something, so I will have to try to make it myself.

And I was so brave to try doing the spiral type of crust hehehe… I had to watch videos before I attempted this more complicated version of curry puff crust. This is made of water dough and oil dough where the usual crust only needs one type of dough. This is my first attempt at making this so next time for sure there will be improvements.

Chicken, potato cubes and I used green curry paste. I put too much it was too spicy I almost cry every time I eat this.

Can see the layers of the oil and water dough.

To be frozen and put in stock for another wave of cravings. 🙂

In the first photo, it can be seen that curry puffs are deep fried in different levels of doneness. I was trying to check which one I like best. Well I like all three. It doesn’t matter if it’s toasted or with pale color, it’s delicious. I have dual diagnosis why, first, I used the same ingredients for the filling and the crusts so it will taste the same no matter what and second, the fat I used has high smoking point so it doesn’t burn fast. I love this. Another successful kitchen experiment!

Next time I’ll make the simple one, and maybe even make our own version which is empanada. Must be gooood.

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