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October 15th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I’ve been feeling blue these past months and I realized something, something I thought doesn’t apply to me. What is it? Shopping. They say shopping is the best cure for stress, for broken heart (but I’m not hehehe) and any other boo boos. But while most girls go for clothes and bags shopping, what gives me excitement like no dress can give is kitchen equipment or gadget. And I have found one that’s my current favorite.

Since last month (September) I have been cooking chapattis since Preet, my Indian friend, showed me how to make them. I dragged Bee to Mustafa to find the tawa/tava, the pan where you cook the rotis and chapattis, found it and never stopped cooking! I love the chapatti with cheese and green curry sauce. Yummy! And chapatti deserves one separate post, coming up soon. 🙂

This tawa or tava is only SGD 14. For something that has been this useful to me I can say it’s so worth it. I’ll be coming back to Mustafa again, next time alone so I can take my time checking out all the amazing equipments there. Ooh! Maybe I should go wait for Cyber Monday and shop online for the even better deals. I can’t wait.

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6 Responses  
  • writes:
    July 3rd, 20115:46 amat

    i want that pan??????????????????????????????where do i find it?

  • writes:
    July 3rd, 20115:49 amat

    i live in irvine california u.s.a. i need that ! it looks like a great pan ! i keep finding crappy pans!

  • niceyfemme writes:
    July 3rd, 20111:13 pmat

    It’s called a tava (spelled as tawa sometimes). I bought it in Singapore in Mustafa. You probably can buy this over the internet and in Indian stores as well. Or you can just use any skillet, non-stick or cast iron both work well

  • writes:
    July 4th, 20111:21 pmat

    is it aluminium?
    is it concave?

  • niceyfemme writes:
    July 4th, 20111:36 pmat

    Not sure about the type but yes it is concave.

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