Butter love
September 17th, 2010 by niceyfemme

And then it all began.

All my adult life, I have tried to stay away from what we consider as ‘bad’ things, like drugs, cigarettes and unhealthy but yummy stuff like yes, BUTTER. I’ve heard and read about people raving about it and I have just always tried to deny it, that truth that it taste real good as I don’t want to get hooked with it. It’s better to not start at all, so I don’t have to struggle with trying to stop myself.

However, I am not in a good emotional position these last weeks, so my defense is down. I also happen to live with three men (2 men, 1 little boy) who doesn’t give a damn about what they eat, as long as it is delicious. So I have no power at all to choose what I could eat. (Excuses!)

I discovered this love newfound love of butter because of my liking of cooking pancakes. Xavian happens to love pancakes too.

That’s saying a lot for a little boy who hates eating and only likes to drink.

So when I gave him some with butter and maple syrup and he surprised me when he asked for seconds. He had three. That’s the most I’ve seen him eat.

I had to try it the next time I prepared some (the first time nothing was left for me) and bam! I WAS HOOKED.

I had to have them for breakfast this morning. More butter, maple syrup and coffee. Yum.

Creamy+ soft and sweet = addictive sugar rush.

It’s hard not to get addicted from this. BUT I have to stop myself or else I will have to reach for weight loss supplements that work.I can’t let this butter love get in the way of me being healthy. But so hard. 🙁

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