Bambi is sick :(
July 9th, 2010 by niceyfemme

And weak. Bambi started showing signs of weakness three days ago. We thought it’s nothing serious since she’s getting old so it could be the reason of her getting less hyper. But then yesterday we started to get more worried because she doesn’t eat anymore and she doesn’t respond as usual so I asked the vet to check on her at home.

Then the vet upon seeing her blurted out, “Mahina na pala!” meaning “She’s weak already!” Like there’s nothing he can do anymore. Without touching Bambi or looking at her closely, the doctor or so he call himself wrote prescriptions then gave me some capsules and tablets. So I thought I still need to buy those prescriptions. Turned out the medicines he left are THE prescriptions and he already charged me for it. And he charged way too much just for looking at her and falsely diagnosing her. He said that we have to force feed Bambi with Cerelac with the contents of the capsules even when I have told him it’s not possible since she’s vomiting already.He didn’t listen.

So last night, Mommy and I are hurting to see Bambi suffer because we know she’s in pain. She tries to stand but can’t. She falls. We tried to spoon feed her but she just can’t. She vomits frequently.

This morning I woke up early because I’m worried about her. She might not be breathing anymore and I’m scared of that. I just can’t accept what the vet has told us to do. It’s like accepting she’s weak because she’s old and you just have to look at her degenerate.

I had to do something.

So I looked for ¬†another vet. I checked online and unfortunately nothing comes up in searches. Just some key words hits. I decided to call one clinic which seems to have good comments from pet owners like me. ¬†I asked them to go to our house to check on her asap. At first the guy I was talking to was insisting I bring Bambi to their clinic which is not possible because I cannot carry her to the car. So I told him I’m not her to argue and just go to our house.

After around 30 minutes they came and they carried her to day light. She cried. I almost broke down in tears because her cry hurts me. The vet saw her ears and gums have turned yellow which means her liver is in bad shape. He recommended we bring her to their clinic to be confined so we could put her in dextrose as she’s really weak and fragile. We headed to their clinic in Molino and every time they carry her she cries. The moment they inserted the needle for the dextrose I broke down and cried. It is really painful to see someone you love in pain. Bambi is in pain even with the slightest touch or movement but when she saw me this morning she still wiggled her tail meaning she’s happy to see me and that is one more reason why I love her soo much.

They took some blood and sent it to a diagnostic clinic in Ortigas because there’s none in our area that accepts dog blood. We will know about the result tomorrow and I hope it’s nothing serious medication can’t solve. I stayed in the clinic in her bed side just calling her name and touching her head and neck. She’s crying in pain and I can’t help but join her. I stayed for four more hours because I just can’t leave her there alone. When they moved her to the confinement area and I saw that she somehow looks better I finally convinced myself to go home and just go back tomorrow. I know it is better for her to be there because they can take care of her better than we do.

Please help us pray that she gets well soon. Bambi being sick and weak like that puts a ton of weight in my heart. I can’t stand looking at her like that. She’s my sister. My best friend. She is family.

So far this new clinic is FAR WAY BETTER than the first one. They are Vet’s Nook in Molino, Bacoor. Unfortunately they don’t have a website but they can be contacted at 09154019504. I know how important it is to have a good knowledgeable vet and not just those who call themselves as one but have no care. I prefer to trust our beloved dog to those who knows better. Bambi’s condition shouldn’t have gone worse if she was treated right early. Please don’t trust the vet with the clinic in Habay, Bacoor, close to SM Bacoor. He might be mis-diagnosing your dog also.

Edit: Bambi is gone. According to the vet she left us around 7:30 p.m when she had difficulty breathing and they weren’t able to revive her. It kills me to know she won’t be there waiting outside my bedroom door in the morning when I wake up, or sitting beside me when I write in this blog, or watches me as I cook, laying down underneath the center table when we watch tv. She won’t be there to wait for us to go home and show us how happy she is to see us home. I miss her like crazy already. I see her in every part of the house. I terribly miss her. I love you Bambi. We all love you. I know Mommy will especially miss you. I’m just glad you don’t have to suffer anymore and I hope we made you feel loved as well. I will never ever forget you. You will always be my ONLY Bambi.

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4 Responses  
  • Dewey writes:
    December 29th, 201311:18 pmat

    Hi. I just chanced upon your blog re Bambi..and I felt the sadness and pain of your journey that time. I also have pets, 2 dogs and 6cats( 7of my pets are rescued ones). And I also pray for their safety and good health. I do hope you’re doing well right now.

  • niceyfemme writes:
    January 15th, 20144:41 pmat

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a message… I want to say thatim ok now but the truth is therthere’s still that pain in my heart whenever I remember her. Still cant find myself to have another pet, it just hurts way too much when they’re gone…

  • Febie writes:
    October 10th, 20168:42 pmat

    Hi.. i know it’s been 6 years when you wrote this blog.. and it just really made me felt so sad about what happened to your dear bambi.. im happy that you moved on.. it hurts me because my baby champagne just passed away.. it just happened yesterday.. just sharing this hopefully i can move on too..

  • niceyfemme writes:
    December 6th, 201711:38 amat

    It’s been 7 years now and it still hurts when Bambi crosses my mind. I’m pushing myself to open our lives to a new dog for my daughter’s sake but it’s still hard hopefully I can bring myself to do it. The pain never leaves you just get used to it..

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