Kris Aquino and Mayor Junjun Binay?
Jul 31st, 2010 by niceyfemme

Photo: King W G Photography

From left: Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, Kris Aquino, Mayor Junjun Binay, Vice President Jejomar Binay

Could Mayor Junjun Binay of Makati, the son of Vice President Jejomar Binay, be the next and last guy in Kris Aquino’s life? Apparently it is possible, straight from Kris’ mouth.

Mayor Junjun Binay is a 33 year old widowed father of 4 young kids when his 29 year old wife Kennely Ann Lacia died last August 11, 2009 after giving birth to their fourth child. He married at 25 and widowed at 32.

And no, it is not THAT fast that Kris is moving on from James Yap. She mentioned that they have not been sharing a room for 7 months prior to their separation.

(Mayor Junjun topic started at 3:57.)

They became close friends since Kris’ mother President Cory Aquino was in the hospital and Mayor Junjun’s late wife died in that same hospital and they have shared a really difficult experience.


Mayor Junjun Binay (with his father VP Jejomar Binay)

Kris Aquino ALMOST has everything in life money can buy, except for love. A loyal, faithful loving partner who will really get her. And if that will turn out to be Mayor Junjun Binay, then people should be happy for them. But she said that Mayor Junjun is NOT courting her now. But once everything has settled with the declaration of nullity of her marriage with James Yap and her family will not get shocked with the idea of her moving on, then she will say yes if he ask her out for dinner.


Kennely Ann Lacia was also known as Audrey Vizcarra when she was a member of ABS-CBN’s Star Circle. She was a child actress who appeared as Kenken in John en Marsha (daughter of Rolly and Madel).She was also a member of Ang TV. She also used to model for magazines like Meg Magazine and appeared in an ad for Colgate minty rinse together with Anne Curtis back in the day. She did some hosting as well, one is in Cyberkada in ABS-CBN?

Chicken Rice Attempt #1
Jul 31st, 2010 by niceyfemme

Whenever I’m out of Singapore I will always have severe cravings for Singaporean food like fried carrot cake, char kway teow and of course chicken rice or properly known as Hainanese Chicken Rice. I prefer the “roasted” one which isn’t really roasted heheh but the pale version will cure the craving.

I researched online and found some helpful tips and I used them in this attempt.

Has to have cucumber. Well at least that’s what I am used to.

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Max’s Style Fried Chicken
Jul 30th, 2010 by niceyfemme

One of my frustrations is cooking fried chicken. There are a gazillion ways of frying chicken and I want to prepare one that my Mom will like. I have tried many times before and even I was not satisfied. Breaded, we didn’t like. With batter. Not that good. There were times when I get surprised the chicken turned out undercooked. Not good. Undercooked and yet dried out. How did I do that? Then I saw one interesting version online from panlasangpinoy and I had to try it. It is steamed first then deep fry method. And since hmmmn last week of June I have cooked this around 3-4 times already heheh.

The third try. I got it right. Perfect saltiness and texture. Exactly like how Max’s prepare theirs.

I have started cutting this yummy chicken (leg part) when I remembered to take photos haha. That’s why the leg is far from the body hehehe.

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July food update
Jul 30th, 2010 by niceyfemme

To capture every thought, feelings, activity, memories even the day to day ones, cooking experiments and basically everything that has something to do with me (jejeje) is the main reason of this blog’s existence. I cannot remember in detail every single day of my life and I want to be able to go back to the days that has passed. I am sentimental that way. So I decided that even my everyday cooking I will include in here. Even the ones I cannot explain why I prepared in the first place. 🙂

So for July this is what I cooked. I didn’t get to cook and bake as often but I was still able to get my cooking fix.

I have to say that this month is all about experiments. I tried cooking those I’m not good at or I haven’t tried cooking before. And food that I missed.

Pad Thai.

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Update: I now have a new furry friend
Jul 27th, 2010 by niceyfemme

So. Back in Singapore. Again. 🙁

Back where walking is something you cannot escape. I’m getting used to it again but I must always remember to NEVER, NEVER leave house without my ever trusted flat and light slippers. My Hush Puppies sandals tore my feet and legs down yesterday. I felt like I lost a fight haha. Thanks Mommy for the slippers. 🙂 Now I have extra, a violet one that’s equally cute and as light as the brown one. Love them!

Real cutie fur ball.

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Pacquiao Funny Photo of the Day
Jul 27th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Here is the newly elected Congressman Manny Pacquiao. Boy Filipinos just love making jokes about him. But we sure are fond of him. I like him as he seems so humble and genuinely nice.

Found this in Facebook. Great editing by the way. 🙂

Haha. Cutie. Funny.

Passport Releasing
Jul 23rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Woke up early this morning as we headed to DFA in Aseana Business Park. Two weeks ago, I was in DFA to renew my passport but I had a minor problem with the original release date of my passport that’s why I was told to come back today. I was advised to come early (the officer even told me to come as early as 7 a.m.) so Mommy and I went early. Then turned out the Director’s Office (D.O.) is not open until 8 a.m so I had to wait there in D.O. while Mommy headed to her office in Makati.

After a few minutes Mommy came back. She forgot to give me the parking ticket so she asked the taxi to come back. The guards made it difficult for her to go in again and hand over the ticket to me. I told them they should be flexible! She cannot wait until I’m finished with whatever business I need to do inside. We have no problem following regulations, we were just asking for a little flexibility as they are SERVING the public who are HUMANS. They cannot just simply follow the freaking rule to the letter.

I also need to mention that I hate the arrogance of DFA people. Hello. Let me remind you people that YOU ARE SERVING THE PEOPLE, not the other way around. So many are complaining (and out loud at that) about how things are done there. Good thing I’m not alarmed by arrogance, I can handle myself. 🙂 I hope this ugly culture will change, PRETTY SOON. Hate it. Hate it!

So going back, from 7:10 a.m, I sat inside the Director’s Office where it was freezing cold. While I was freezing, I got to stare at just about anything inside that office.

The nasty chubby guard who seemed to get to everyone’s nerves (there were three people who got annoyed with him and his tone the time I was there), the nice clean surroundings with nice office furnitures and the unfriendly faces of the officers. It’s fascinating how hard it is for them to give a smile. Tsk tsk.

I got to talk to the same officer who told me to come back today. He just took the receipt and told me to wait again, this was around 8:15 a.m. Then I waited and waited and waited while freezing in that walk in freezer. I thought it’s funny how I was freezing there while I see the hot sun outside. Sayang ang kuryente I thought. It was so cold I was reminded of the first hotel I worked for where the cold temperature reaches the bone. So I waited until 10 a.m. Can you believe that passport releasing took 3 hours?

Wow. Unbelievable.

I’m just glad it’s just over now and I don’t have to go back in the place with awkward silence and frowning people. I really hope this changes. It’s not the essence of the job. I hope they are reminded of this.

It should be, “Service to the Filipino People.”

Jul 22nd, 2010 by niceyfemme

Ever since we moved all our remaining stuff from the other house, I found so many things that are just in storage, forgotten and some wasted. It’s alright if it’s just jeans that are forgotten, I can still use them even if they’re not in style right now. I’m not one to follow what’s in. I dress according to how I feel. BUT I found some skin care products I bought in a set that we have forgotten already and they are expired already! Waaahhhh!  I read about prototype 37c reviews and the one I wasted is pretty good. Such a waste.


We, in our family are guilty about storing things and forget about them because my Mom needs a clean house without any clutter.  Yeah ‘need’ is the operative word haha. I found so many things I can still use. Like two pairs of jeans. I really need new pairs but I hate shopping. Shopping makes me feel bad haha. It’s not easy finding anything (in this case, jeans) that fits right. That’s why I don’t go out shopping, looking for something to buy. I prefer it if I have seen one I like so much then I’ll buy that.  Yeah so I have two new pairs I can use.  Circa 2004-2005 haha. Good thing they still fit.

Found some t-shirts too. Some bags. I feel like I went on a shopping spree. Without spending a peso.

I guess everyone has some forgotten ‘treasures’ somewhere. I love, love it.

Kristine and Oyo Boy now has a kid!
Jul 21st, 2010 by niceyfemme

Gossip girl heard/read something!

Wow this is nice to hear. They have adopted a baby or a kid and no one outside of showbiz has seen the baby.

I want to see him/her! Lucky baby. Seems like this couple has a good head on their shoulders. the moment I heard about this, how I see them changed. Someone who adopts have a good heart.

I for one have wanted to adopt since I was what around 10? Went to orphanages to hold the babies. The process is just grueling and it’s financially draining.

But I wish this couple good luck in beginning their married life (in Canada, they’re migrating after the wedding with target date of January 11, 2011, reports) and becoming parents to a precious baby.


Happy wife equals happy life!
Jul 20th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Well in Bee’s case, happy girlfriend equals happy life hehe. 😉

Happy Monthsary Bee. I can’t even count how many months we are together now. Wait, let me count. *Counting* Wow today is our 50th monthsary! 50th! Akalain mo yun?!

Of course this ain’t a relationship made by Disney movies, this is not even close to a fairytale and everyday we try to work with what we have. Reason why it feels amazing and quite unbelievable that we’ve reached this far.

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