Jun 25th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I totally need a vacation! I need to escape from all the thinking. I need to escape from myself. I’m tired and exhausted. What to do what to do? I hope there’s  a legal drug to cure specific problems. 🙁


I can go somewhere to unwind but I know better. I know this is not the time to spend on vacations no matter how well deserved they may be. If I can splurge I want to Palawan– in Coron. I’ve been to Boracay many times already and even though it’s paradise I want to see another paradise in the Philippines. We are soooo lucky to have been blessed with natural wonders and it’s a pity the world is not aware of this thanks to our reputation. Noynoy Aquino hopefully can do better than the last presidents before him. Or poor Kris.

If I hit the jackpot I’d go to the Caribbean. Just to see how it fares to ours hehehe…

Also, I am the type to go to provinces. I like having a feel of the rural areas. So this Branson vacation packages would be ideal for me to try. We always hear things about LA and New York– of course I want to see them too but I like suburban areas better. Wisteria lane? Yup. Life is going to be fun if you have neighbors like them.

I don’t like hospitals
Jun 21st, 2010 by niceyfemme

Yes. If I have a choice I wouldn’t set foot in one ever. It scares me.

Went in De La Salle University Medical Center twice within a few days. My Mom was vomiting and nauseous. We decided to go to the hospital already. The doctors said it is Vertigo. A follow up was scheduled today with an E.N.T doctor. She’s better now, just have to continue taking the prescribed meds.

I worry about this kind of things well anything Mommy and Daddy related I’m scared like hell. Now I am really thinking about medical insurance but I don’t know which one is dependable and yet affordable. How hard is it to find an affordable health insurance? Very hard. But it’s better covered right?

This is the reason why I really pray intently to Him to make sure my parents are healthy and safe all the time because they are the most important in my life. I can’t sleep at night before I tell Him what I am thinking. I just realized He really is my best friend. The one who’ll never blame you for anything,  never turn His back on you. He’s just perfect.

My Pancit Malabon
Jun 11th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Last week I went to Mommy’s office to pay a visit and also to drive her around. 🙂 It’s nice seeing Ate Janet again, Sir Neal, Kuya Jeg, Geraldyn, Kuya Boy and everyone. This visit reminded me once again that I cannot work in an office environment. Fluorescent lights make me sleepy like crazy.

We had our breakfast there as we were in a rush to reach office before we get stuck in traffic. So I had tortang talong and rice fish and garlic fried rice. With coffee. I also ordered suman. That’s for later heheh…

Then come lunch time Mommy asked me what I wanted for lunch. I didn’t know what I want, we looked around what’s available but I just can’t choose so I decided not to eat. I’ve been craving for Amber’s Pancit Malabon. They have a branch in Makati but it’s a short drive from where the office is. I can’t leave because I don’t want to lose my parking space. Haha it’s so hard to have one there so I’d rather not go. Delivery has minimum purchase required and I only want a single order of Pancit Malabon so….

For days I’ve been craving for Pancit Malabon.  There’s a branch of Pancit Malabon Express in Bacoor, in Niog across Jollibee but I’m too lazy to go there. I have tried it there and they’re good. So I decided to just cook it myself. I have cooked this a decade ago. One of those experiments I had in my cooking-crazy phase. We even had it for Media Noche haha.

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Tuna Pasta at 8 a.m.
Jun 5th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I woke up with intense craving. Craving for what? I don’t know. That’s the problem. 🙂 I didn’t know what I want to eat. I checked the fridge. Nothing I like. Then I saw cooked penne rigate, just enough for two servings. I knew what I would with it.

I took out the butter and flour. Checked if we still have canned tuna in water. Check. Then I chopped two pieces of shallot.

Here is how I cooked this very easy, simple and fast dish that cured my bad craving.

Easy and Fast Tuna Pasta

1. Heat a non-stick pan. Add in about two tbsp of canola oil. Sweat the shallots. Add minced garlic. (I browned minced garlic always available.) Then saute the tuna for a minute or two.  Set it aside.

2. Then prepare roux. Melt 1 tbsp of butter. Once melted add 1 tbsp of flour. Add water (or broth if available) slowly until the preferred consistency is achieved.

3. Add the sauteed tuna to the roux. Add the pasta (I have cooked penne rigate in this case but any pasta will do.) Add in more broth if the sauce is too thick. Season with salt and pepper. I add in a tsp of dried basil leaves.


Fast tuna pasta dish at 8 in the morning. Prepared with ingredients that’s always on stock. This is perfect with coffee. If only I have an herbal phentermine within reach, maybe that will keep me from thinking about food all the time.

Soya Ice Cream with Jackfruit
Jun 3rd, 2010 by niceyfemme

I have the tendency to love “healthy” versions of the regular sinful stuff like ice cream. You guys remember B.T.I.C? As in Better Than Ice Cream? I believe it is frozen yogurt and it tastes so good I loved that when I was still in Peninsula Manila. I needed my fix everyday and I frequent the outlet in Glorietta 4 beside Rustan’s. I wonder if B.T.I.C is still in the market?

Singapore is a hot and humid country, much like the weather we recently experienced here. Summer 2010 is wow! It’s like the natural version of thermogenic fat burners. So hot I feel like I’m lighter heheh.. So one time, when Greta (my housemate) and I went to Sheng Shiong and we passed by Mr. Bean in MRT station, I just had to finally try it. I’ve always wondered if it taste yucky or not. I was so happy with it that it became an addiction. It’s not cheap to have 3 servings a day at SGD 1.80 each.

Since we don’t have Mr. Bean here in Philippines, I tried replicating that soya ice cream I dearly love. I looked for a recipe online and found some. So here is how I did it.

Plus 1 block of Silken Tofu. I have to say this isn’t as soft and smooth as the one I always buy in SG.

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Puppy love
Jun 2nd, 2010 by niceyfemme

A hot dog sandwich… Look at that face so adorable! Awww!

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