Things I did when I was young(er)
May 15th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Haha It’s just nice to reminisce…. I love going back to places, memories of when I was young or younger(?). So I’ll make a series of this.

See I still see myself as someone young, is 25 young to you? To some people like some teenagers I believe they find 25 to be of the right age already to do adult things like say getting married. I don’t know. I believe in what my Mother tells me, that only the body gets older, but the mind and heart stays and feels the same. She says she still feels the same like when she just got married and had me. Haha I have a cool Mom.

One of the memories I remembered today was when I was in high school and I felt like I can do anything that older people do. I still had my confidence so high then haha. Like, say go on business. Aside from being a foodie at heart, I am also an entrepreneur. I remember selling sandwiches at school because I felt good that with just a capital of say Php 20, I can make it double or triple. I love that feeling even to this day.

Plus I so wanted to wear their service crew uniform!

Also in high school, I was “invited” to attend a seminar during our summer break. It is where they ask you to sell some beauty and weight-loss products then invite new members. I totally believed I could do it then, they were just so persuasive heheh. Turned out the only item I sold was a chocolate drink that helps you lose weight, and to whom? TO MYSELF! Haha. I can only laugh about it now. Back then I really took it to heart to make that work. I even tried applying in McDonald’s with a friend Robin Agramon and the location of that outlet is just to far. We were that eager to work for the summer. I think the travel distance was 40 minutes. And the sun was so hot I remember. But that was nothing, I didn’t mind that. Again, it’s so cool for Mommy to let me do crazy things back then. What’s nice is after my long tiring day there’s a yummy meal she cooked for me.

Haha life.

P.S. I really need a scanner. I want to post photos from back then. 🙁

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