I lost 5 lbs!
Apr 30th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Yes I did! And in only one week! How did I do it? Well first thing, it happened unconsciously. I’m so stressed, real bad. I didn’t have the chance to eat or I just don’t give much attention to it because I have way more important things to think about than food. Stress really is the most effective diet for me. Like when I lost so much weight way back in 2008 because of unbelievable stress too.

And of course being in this country (which I used to like so much) means you’ll have to do a lot of walking like I mentioned many times before. I guess walking here a day is equivalent to six hours in ellipticals machine hehe– or even more it’s just that you don’t have a choice but to walk. . Nakakasawa na din ha…

I will have to update here. So much has happened, I will have to write it here so I won’t forget them. I have learned so much from some bad people. Karma will come and haunt you down. Please wait for it.

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