House of which politician?
Apr 26th, 2010 by niceyfemme

My inbox has 2000+ unread emails so I browsed what those emails are about. Then one email titled Manny Villar’s house got me curious. To be honest I have read about this before–I was just curious if this is the house they’re referring to.

I was just in awe looking at it again. The pool so nice. The bath tub? I’m speechless. I can’t even find the words. All I know is that I would be happy with those simple walk in tubs that’s not as expensive as the one in these photos. Bubble bath and scented candles plus some bath salts is just prefect for me to release stress.

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Games of luck
Apr 26th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I tried to again join a raffle. The prize? A car. I don’t need another one but if I ever win I already thought about what I would do with it. I’ll sell it. Then buy a piece of land. I’m a sucker for games that involve luck. Hehe.

During Bee’s and I’s monthsary, (yes we do celebrate if possible) we went to Tagaytay (note to self: make a separate post about that) and played in the casino. Just those slot machines hehe. I told him I’ll only spend P200 and that’s it. Funny that we didn’t even know how to operate those slot machines. Then when we got the hang of it we started winning then nada. P200 gone. But it was fun we enjoyed it.

I never really win at anything. Or at least the chances of me winning anything is pretty low so those very few instances  I distinctly remember.

Daphne Paez had some contest in her blog that has nice prizes like what some people are claiming to be the best wrinkle cream. I’m still young and thank God I still do not really need it but I want to try it and of course for Mommy as well– not that she needs it. I’m proud to say that my Mom has no wrinkles yet at her age of 50. I tried joining a couple of times but my got nothing hehe.

I realized it’s not really the prize sometimes I’m after (though it would be nice if I actually win and get the prize) but the thrill and excitement of the thought of what if I win.

That’s the reason why I used to be addicted to trying my luck in lotto. Hehe big time.

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