Oooppsss!!!! (Hachiko)
Apr 11th, 2010 by niceyfemme

Wow it’e been more than a week already since I last posted something here. Been very busy.

I’m home now. So nice to be home. I missed Mommy and Bambi like crazy. I love Mommy’s cooking hehe. Goodluck with my weight. (To think less walking for me here…) Will go back after a few days to start working again. I’m excited about that by the way. Will tell more about that soon. Will try to update as much as possible.

Watching Hachiko now. I know this is a heart warming and tears inducing movie. For dog lovers out there, I recommend you watch this too.

EDIT: Just finished watching this movie and this is now officially the movie that made me cry buckets and buckets of tears… Hagulgol talaga… Nakakahiya nga eh…. I love this movie. It doesn’t help that Hachi looks a lot like our Bambi. This makes me love her even more.

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