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March 28th, 2010 by niceyfemme

I decided to eat out when I got tired of peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast and lunch and meryenda. I need real food! And by that I mean rice.

They are good but when I started dreaming about it, I knew I have to eat something else. I had to eat out as cooking in the house is not that possible right now because of some monsters. But I am so tired of Koufu food. Well I love the soups and noodles in there but it’s not in my list of favorite foods that I can eat every single day and not get tired of it– like my fried rice, cooked in our wok with egg and lotsa garlic. So I looked for some other place to eat. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot in our area even with the newly opened food court here. Not a lot of stalls are open yet.

I found myself on a bus on the way to Vivo City. When I thought about it, I was probably on my way to eat chicken rice again. Ooppps! No chicken rice for now; I’m trying to stay away from rice as much as possible. What I wanted to eat are those vegetable dishes that are cooked in flaming hot woks with crazy wok hei. I love them and it’s not expensive, of course it’s healthy too! So instead of heading to Seah Im Food Center when I aligted from the bus, I hop on a new bus and headed to Lau Pa Sat. I miss Lau Pa Sat. I used to eat there every single day when I was new in Singapore. I only realized now that I was spending way too much on food then hehe.

So. Lau Pa Sat has renovated itself. Looks nicer and more polished now. I went around checking out what’s available. My favorite stalls moved. But I can still tell if it’s them hehe. I didn’t know what to have, so confused!

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Chicken Rice? No. Noodles? No thank you- had that for one whole week straight already. Newly opened Tapa King which I have no photo of because I’m shy to take one. Fried Chicken from Happy V (which I think is the same old Jolly V from before?) not really craving for it.

But I ended up buying from this stall.


I can’t help but order this.

EDIT: 03 March 2012 Tried this halal seafood stall again after a long time and I was disappointed! They’re not the same. I guess different cook or management. For the same order they charged me $7.50 when it was only $4 before and it doesn’t taste good anymore. 

I really can’t say no to freaking fried rice! 🙁

But then to be fair to myself, I enjoyed every single grain of it. Calories well, it’s worth it.

The ice lemon tea is different though. More maasim. Oh and I always find this skinny guy cute. Or funny?

Same look. Pretty.

Close up. I wanna try them all. If only……….

When I stared at this, I remembered Makansutra in Manila Ocean Park. They copied it here?

I took pictures of the place. I never took pictures of the structure before for some reason when the history of the place lies also in the beautiful structure of the ceilings.

I love the high ceiling. I want high ceiling for my house too makes it feel cooler as air/wind can circulate better. But this place can get pretty hot and humid when office people from around the area come for lunch.

I like the intricate detail.

Looks like something….. ???

Then after I chowed down the whole plate of black peppered chicken fried rice the guilt started to sunk in. I decided to walk it off to the Cathay. Realized it’s to far for my powers so decided to take the bus. It took so long for bus 162 to arrive!

I saw Batman’s car. I really believe so. I’m used to seeing pretty expensive cars here but this one made my jaw drop. I hate it that I wasn’t able to get a nice photo.

Then in Cathay there’s no nice movie to watch. I was gonna settle for When in Rome when I remembered that it was a weekend so tickets are more expensive and to watch it alone I think is not worth it. I’d wait until Bee is free then we’ll watch.

I just roam around there and in Plaza Singapura. Like always, there’s sale. I don’t think I’ve been to a mall here without a sale of some sort. I went in in a baby things shop because of the really cute dresses and shirts! Since I love babies and fascinated with anything that has to do with them I checked everything there.

Now it sinked in to me even more. Having a baby is EXPENSIVE-O! As in really. The very tiny simple polo shirt cost SGD 30! More expensive than the top I was wearing then! I don’t get the logic why baby clothes are more expensive than adult clothes when less fabric is used? Would someone please explain to me why???????

Found Medela electric breast pumps. I checked in Mall of Asia before and they don’t have it there. They have it here and the price ranges from SGD 220 – SGD 339 — that’s around PHP 6500-PHP 10,000+! And that’s just the breast pump! But it is important if you have the intention of breastfeeding which is the best you could do and give your baby. I checked a stroller and I held my breath in awe. The Uppababy Vista stroller is SGD 900+! Another brand is SGD 1400! It looked durable with what looked like a very good quality frame in it. Wheww! Back to reality. Baby is so far from my plans anyway. Even when Daddy says I should not worry about it.

On the way home I rode into a double decker bus. Riding in one here excites me– feels like I’m in a roller coaster. I feel like the bus is going to flip down especially when it’s turning sharply. And of course it’s pretty high and for someone who is scared of heights, it makes me hold on the metal handles tightly.

Like I said we are so tired of Koufu so I looked for a new food court or hawker to try. Bee and I met there.

Ate then went home. So tired.

Boo for the monster.

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