Taylor, Taylor!
December 8th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Love this photo!

They made me smile then laugh a bit… They made my day….

screw bella

Hahah! I love technology…. This looks so real…..

Btw, I just watched New Moon and something I never thought would happen, happened.


I found myself crushing over Taylor Lautner! I know he’s young but not 17 years old! Wow, he’s a minor for crying out loud. How could a 17 year old BOY have a body like that?



Just to make it clear, I’m not crushing on him because of that gorgeous body, but because of his heroic character. 😉 It’s true. Believe me. 🙂 Like how I had a little crush with Edward Cullen after I saw Twilight. Hahahha! Revealing too much already.

Hmmmn by the way, just to make it clear, Taylor Hanson will forever remain the # 1 Taylor for me.



I used to LOVE him to death. For years. I could only talk about him then. Obsession if I may say. I was glued to MTV waiting for their videos to play. I listen to their Middle of Nowhere and Snowed In cd in my Sony discman all day and night. I even replay them per word. The disc player was overworked hahah!

By the way, thanks Daddy for the discman.Photobucket There was a time when I can’t leave the house without it.

I have all their cds, ranging from two-three copies each album… I was making sure I could still listen to them no matter what. I have their VHS tape, Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere.

I have this biography book of theirs.


I also bought international magazines that featured them. They were very expensive that time at least for me, I was only in 6th grade then and I get my money from my allowance… Ranging from Php 250.00-400.00. They were part of my Hanson collection. I also have local song hits that featured them hehehhe…

My room was full of their posters. One wall, the one close to my bed was full of posters you can’t see the wall anymore. I breathed Taylor Hanson back then. That lasted for three years.


I had this photo a poster size in my room.

I wish to watch their concert live. That almost happen year 2004. But their concert was on the same week of my then obsession’s concert hehehe… I totally regret not going to theirs until now. 🙁

I even became bestfriends with Charisse in high school. Common denominator? TAYLOR HANSON.

Then of course like everyone, I also get over that obsession. I mean the feeling mellowed down but didn’t really disappear.

Freshman year in college, a friend and I were in ERS, it’s DLSU-D’s internet area…. When I read that Taylor got married! I was shocked! That caught me off guard and I didn’t notice it but my tears were falling!Photobucket (I thought that only happens in movies, you know how you are so shocked you don’t know you’re crying already) I was so embarrassed when I went back to reality and saw people looking at me. I just can’t believe it.

It just didn’t occur to me that he will get married that early. He was only 19 years old then. The girl (I still can’t say her name hehheh…) was pregnant reason why they got married. Taylor’s family is very religious.

And now, after 11 years since I fell in love with Taylor, he still have that space in my heart hehheh… Yeah I’m that loyal. I’m just in touched with reality now… kind of accepted the fact he will never be mine…. hahahha! (My Mom always told me that then, it always breaks my heart. I had faith it will come true, that dream of being Mrs.Taylor.)


Yup! He’s got four kids now. 26 years old (his birthday is 14 March 1983, I’ll never forget his birthday) and already have four cute kids. Taylor’s a baby love machine! Hahahah! 😉

I just have to thank Taylor Hanson and his brothers Isaac and Zac…. If not for their music, I wouldn’t be as interested in music as I am now. They are my first music mentors. I looove their music. Until now. I still listen to their first album, Middle of Nowhere, their Christmas album Snowed In and This Time Around. I learn how to sing (a bit) from singing along to their songs.

How I wish I could meet Taylor Hanson. Sigh.

Have a concert here again and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

niceyfemme 😉

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2 Responses  
  • reyane writes:
    January 1st, 201010:16 pmat

    geeeh!…. i didnt know you are soooo in love with Taylor Hanson….

    i remember my bestfriend in high school… she is also in love with him… umaabot kami kung saan saang lupalop ng manila para hanapin ang mga posters nila at cassette tape. hahaha…

  • niceyfemme writes:
    January 3rd, 20102:02 pmat

    Hahaha! Sis! True I was and still am in love with him…. Well different level na nga lang ngaun…… Ganun din kami ng bestfriend ko dati…. Super hanap pa talaga ng home video nila….

    I felt so guilty when my bestfriend in high school and I went to the Moffats concert in Folk Arts Theater… I felt like I cheated on them (Hanson)…

    Sis we’re so meant to be friends hehehhhe…….. 🙂

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