Feeling guilty!
Dec 28th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Some women are passionate with shoes. Or bags. Or make-up.

While I am drawn like a magnet to kitchen wares, gadgets etc. Stuff I could use in the kitchen.

Since I just stayed home today to rest, I had a lot of time to surf the net. I again read in Cecile’s blog (Chuvaness) about Johnny Air. I’m now even more convinced that there’s a better way and cheaper way of shipping stuff from US to Manila.

So I checked Amazon.Com. My mistake. 😉 I found what I’ve been wanting to have for so long.


Chinese WOK.

The reason why I spent a lot of dollars on Nasi Goreng. I just love that wok flavor. I love Singaporean (Chinese-Indo-Malay-Indian Mix) Cuisine.

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Merry, Merry Christmas!
Dec 25th, 2009 by niceyfemme

A jolly and fulfilled Christmas to everyone in the world.

Been very very busy.


But it’s been good. 🙂

Dec 17th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I love how different the Crown Prince and Crown Princess are here… So far from the serious faces they usually have…. Love the “what if” part where the Prince is a “house-band” ……… Like I’m back in my teen years, when love could be as “light” and fun….

Me being me, I’m one of the last ones to watch or be in in whatever is in. Like when everyone’s going crazy over Twilight, I didn’t care, watched it after a few months then I got what they meant. I’m the last one getting crazy for them heheheh……..

Better late than never……..

In a few years……..
Dec 14th, 2009 by niceyfemme

This cute boy will go pro! Hahaha!

He’s so cute… And good too…..

Compared to me who doesn’t know a thing with any musical instrument…..

He feels it….

Like how it should be played…


Dec 13th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Been addicted to Yema these past two weeks….

Tried it one time and I’m hooked!


This yema is the chewy type, so chewy it’s sticking to my teeth….

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Protected: Akala mo kung sino ka ah?!
Dec 11th, 2009 by niceyfemme

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Oh My Cat!
Dec 9th, 2009 by niceyfemme

The guy who did the subtitle did a good job ahhah!

This cutey cat thinks he’s a guy hehhehe…

This is so freaking funny! You have to watch this until the end…..

These vids made my day better… Hoping same to you……… 🙂

Taylor, Taylor!
Dec 8th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Love this photo!

They made me smile then laugh a bit… They made my day….

screw bella

Hahah! I love technology…. This looks so real…..

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ABS-CBN’s World Bazaar
Dec 6th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I wasn’t planning on going to this one as I was and still am trying to save some moolah… 🙂 I know that Filipinos spend so sooo much more during this season and I don’t want to be included in that statistics… hhehehhe….

So going back to what I was saying, I was driving along Macapagal Blvd (I believe that’s still Macapagal Blvd) turning right to that corner to World Trade Center…. You have to be in the right lane to turn right, right? I was in between that right lane and the lane to Boom na Boom…. Of course there are traffic police there waiting for you to not be on the right lane and they will immediately flag you down.

I saw them staring at me. I had to make a decision what to do… quick!

So to escape from them, I headed to World Trade Center’s entrance gate hehheh….. With the intention to head to the exit straight.

But once I was in I was hooked. 🙂 It’s just so fun there! The atmosphere is different than the first bazaar I’ve been at the previous week. Loud music… Christmas feeling was there! I HAD TO GO IN.

First I had to look for parking area. When I first went there the previous week, you could park in front. This time around, it’s not allowed. So I had to find another one. Went to Boom na Boom’s parking area infront of World Trade Center (WTC).

Then I head to WTC, I had to cross that street where fast cars never stop passing by. I was scared. I had to wait for some people who will walk with me through it heheheh…..

While walking I thought, how it’s perfect that I don’t have cash with me then. Just Php50.00. So I could stay away from unnecessary spending.

So I paid for the entrance ticket, nice surprise that it was only Php30.00. Noel Bazaar was more expensive, Php50.00. This World Bazaar is waaaayyyy nicer! The outside area is fully decorated, lots of stalls there too… The staff were in costume too, nice touch.

Like I said, sooo many stalls. It was packed! Packed with stalls and people! I came in thinking since it was the first day and I came in around 1500 H, less people will be there. Boy was I wrong. Lots of people but still comfortable to walk around. The variety of stalls is better.

I can’t help but compare this World Bazaar of ABS-CBN to Noel Bazaar of GMA 7. You know how they always compete and halos magkasunod lang sila.

Many celebrities are participating in this bazaar. Saw Donita Rose and Rice Peralejo’s boutique, they were there selling apparel stuff. I heard they were even dancing just to sell their items hehehhe…. Saw Angelu de Leon too.

And this stall got me excited.

Juday's stall

I want to see her in person that’s why. I got fascinated with her recently. Since she found her Prince Charming? I could relate to her. 😉 I just hope it won’t take me as long to find mine. 😉

People were talking loudly how Judy Ann just left. She visited her stall. I went in to check the stuff anyway. I was there browsing when her Mommy Carol held my hand and said, “Bili na anak…..” Was I touched with this woman. She’s so gentle. I love her now too. 🙂

So I went around again to check all things available. Some stalls in the previous bazaar is again participating in this new one. One is the stall where I bought my charcoal stove.

I only plan to “window” shop. But when I saw this I wasn’t able to fight that urge to spend.


Since I only had Php 5.00 left in my pocket (50 minus 30 entrance fee minus 15 for popcorn hehehhe equals Php5.00) I had to withdraw some cash. Unfortunately, their BDO ATM machine is not good, they’re fixing it. Had to withdraw from Philippine National Bank at the back of WTC. Walked there with a nice organizer who accompanied me. He was nice enough to offer his parking space if ever I go back. Nice.

When I got back in, I saw this.


This is close to the food stalls of Tamayo’s Catering and other food stalls. I had to stay away from those stalls reason why I didn’t see this soon.

Had to go home before 1700 H to escape from traffic. Too bad because the night market was just starting then. There will be bibingka and kakanin, puto bumbong stalls in front of the building. Perfect with the cool Christmas breeze. Sigh.

Maybe I’ll go back. I don’t have to pay for parking and entrance fee next time anyway…


You got to love them!


Sorry I have too few photos to show… Hiya ako kumuha eh…….

To conclude: To escape from a traffic ticket I accidentally went in ABS-CBN’s World Bazaar in World Trade Center but when I saw how lively and fun it was there I got hooked I had to go in. No intention of spending but ended up buying something real pretty.

All in all, Channel 2’s bazaar is wayyy better than Channel 7’s…. Just the truth! 🙂

From what I saw there, for Pinoy’s in Christmas mood, there’s no such thing as recession!


Sana! Keeping my fingers crossed……
Dec 1st, 2009 by niceyfemme

Received a call from someone from Studio 23…..

Sana talaga!

Ok, I won’t keep my hopes up…..

Just pretend like it doesn’t matter heheheh…….


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