Super Typhoon Experiences
November 6th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Rosing, Milenyo, Santi ( All Supertyphoons…..)

I had a number of Super typhoon experiences.

First one, Rosing, was 15 years ago, I was 10 years old then, and I vividly remember how I saw some roofs flying and the sound of the winds so strong…. I was really scared. So scared I remember the date until now. November 1994. (1995?)

Second was just a few years ago and I know most Filipinos won’t forget Milenyo anytime soon. This typhoon was soo strong, probably the strongest I experienced. Strongest and I was unfortunate enough to be caught in the middle of it in the streets. No car, no roof, no nothing over my head.

Since I was working in a hotel then in Alabang and they require us to go to work (Hello, no holidays, no supertyphoon as in nothing can stop a hotel from operating, as it’s main motto is convenience and comfortability for their guests, so when the whole Manila had no electric power, hotels had.) I had to force myself to go to work and try not to let fear for my dear life stop me.

No public transportation in the streets so I had to walk my way there. Then a tricycle was kind enough to offer to bring me close to the hotel. While on our way there, I saw in front of my eyes how trees are uprooted from the ground while I felt like the tricycle was about to roll over with me inside it! I was sooo scared!

Then I had to walk because they don’t allow tricycles inside North Bridgeway. Then I saw roofs flying again and I was scared it’s gonna chop my head off! So I ran for shelter in the hotels back entrance close to the bake shop then the security asked me not to because employees are not allowed to go there when not in uniform! My freaking heart was crushed. Even at disastrous times like that they didn’t have a heart. I made a mental note about that incident. I sooo pity myself that moment. I couldn’t help it but cried. If I happen to be a guest at that moment, I’m telling you, all the staff or even the GM would go to your rescue. Well I was only an employee then. Hate it.

I reached the employees entrance dripping wet. Even my under garments are dripping wet like you pushed me in an ice cold pool. I was trembling. I was starting to feel sick then. I tried not to give it much attention as I had to work.

Then I reached the front office. Sooooo many phone calls! From rich people who are trying to book rooms because they can’t stand not having electricity in their houses for a few days. (Turned out, there will be a black out for one whole week.) My sickness got even worse. I had a fever. I had flu. My manager wouldn’t let me go home for dear life. Reason? The hotel was so busy. That moment, I wished I would just fall unconscious on the ground. That man, no heart. I have a few people people in a “list”. His name is there.

So I had a semi-phobia (if there’s such a thing) for super typhoons because it brings back bad horrible memories. That’s also one reason why I hate hotels now. I hope I don’t have to go back there, unless I’m so rich I’d be a guest.

Then latest one was Santi, the day I arrived from abroad. It welcomed me. Signal # 3. Winds so strong I heard there was a whistling sound through the night.

This Santi experience is way much worse for us because of the strong winds. We were lucky enough not to get affected much by Ondoy and Pepeng as these two are strong with rainfall unlike Santi that’s strong with wind.

I hope no more typhoons for the Philippines. Atleast not anytime soon. We all need some time to recover. I hope no more.

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  • rick writes:
    November 23rd, 200912:51 pmat

    Interesting post!

  • niceyfemme writes:
    November 23rd, 20098:30 pmat

    thank you rick! 🙂

  • mrButt writes:
    December 25th, 20099:50 pmat

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  • niceyfemme writes:
    December 26th, 20099:31 pmat

    Sure. Have an account in Twitter but do not really use it. 🙂

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