Mga Batang Palaboy in Singapore…. (Nomad kids in Sg?)
October 14th, 2009 by niceyfemme

NICEYFEMME gets bored easily.

Since it’s his rest day yesterday, I persuaded him to agree with everything I want… heheheh… As in, go out with no plans of where to go or what to do.. That’s how I want to live life, as long as it’s still possible. So off we went….. Headed to MRT station….


(warning: if you’re onion skinned, better not watch the video… cheers!)

(pardon B’s narrative way of talking, we’re both new to this, and our “argument” this is how we really are)

Decided to head to Bugis as I miss my favorite chicken rice stall there… (Which reminds me, I should have a food blog).

Best (Salad) Chicken Rice Award
Rice = perfection. Taste is how it should be.
Veggies = fresh.
Chicken = perfection. Thick, juicy, yummy.
Chili = perfection. Fresh. You can taste the ginger, garlic and chili in it. lovett!
Should I share where this stall is? It’s in Seng Huat, Bugis. 🙂

Full tummy, ready to roam…..

After this we went to Bugis Street itself, main purpose is to just look around… I’m trying to save some moolah….. haha! Saw this cute “thing” near the juice stands. Dont know what to call this. But really cute!!!!

Hahahah! So landi! (So flirty!) the fruit mascot i mean 😉

“B, where are you?” -niceyfemme


My apologies to this ang moh who I unintentionally blinded with my camera flash…… *sorry!*


lots of people….


crispy pancake! yum yum!

It’s just so hot in there, so humid… But the vibe is good… I love the colors! Ohh Also bought my favorite bread at SGD2.00…. yummy!

Since it is (still?) Mooncake Festival, they have this in front of OG (Mall). Pretty cute.
While heading to MRT going back, I saw this and took the shot!


It’s Mickey Mouse!

Finished with Bugis, Off to Vivo!

Basically we are the type of people who enjoy seeing things as they happen…. Watching people walk, watching people eat (discreetly! oh that’s just me…) watching life in general…

Went there to pay some bills and do some window shopping…. I like looking at designs and then plan to have that made for me in even more special materials…. Like this….

I almost gave in to my desire and bought it…. But I thought about it like 9 times then decided to walk away from it… It’s alright coz I bought one that’s even nicer hahaha! And at 56% off! What a bargain! I love bargains…..

We are so tired from all the walking and all so decided to cap the day off with buying my favorite Carrot Cake (Chai Tow Kway) in Kopi Tiam in Basement II… On the way there, another temptation stopped me…. THIS..


kalorky talaga!


While heading to then bus stop we saw this….. Thought it to be so nice… I have a thing for fountains…. Brings back childhood memories….


It was so nice. Nice. Nice. Photobucket

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  • Niceyfemme's Bitter-Shweet Corner » Blog Archive » Senti: Let’s go back in time….. writes:
    October 18th, 200912:46 amat

    […] to have my favorite chicken rice. I have two types I like, the first one I already mentioned, the Salad Chicken Rice in Seng Huat Bugis and the second one is this Chicken Rice from Banquet. This two types are very different but equally […]

  • Buboy at coleen writes:
    October 21st, 20095:48 pmat

    Ganda naman dyan sama kami sa susunod he he kakainggit kayo ha

  • Bottled Water writes:
    December 2nd, 20104:12 amat

    i always visit food blogs because i always like to do some home cooked meals ‘-*

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