OMG! Breastfeeding….. at 8 years old
August 20th, 2009 by niceyfemme

While the first post I posted is the cutest and most adorable clip I’ve seen recently, this one kind of makes you think if this is just simply natural or not.

I thought that kids who still drink milk in bottles at around 6 or 7 is a little beyond normal then what do we call this? I mean breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful thing in the world but extended for this long?

It’s her body and they’re her kids so it’s her right, right?

┬áIs there even nutrients in them like when they were a baby? I’m no expert here so….

Scientist believe that extended breastfeeding produce higher I.Q. in children… So given that, will you consider breastfeeding your kids until 8? Or beyond that?

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