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Jul 17th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I had no idea the last post I made about Charice would generate such hating comments! WELL, I DON’T CARE!

First thing, read all my posts here regarding Charice not just the last one. I wrote that last one in a position where if it’s true then here is where I stand and if it’s not then good, WE WILL ALL KNOW IN TIME. READ AGAIN.

My sources? Again, read it again, this time read very well. I said I read that from a newspaper where two reporters wrote the same thing! That there could be some basis in it. One of them I know is realiable enough as it happened before already when she exposed something, the person involved denied it and called her a liar then years later it is confirmed true, she admitted it, straight from her own mouth.

To be fair, I still approved the comments, even the rude ones. Shame on you, you know who you are. Never go into a battle without ammunition.

I NEVER SAID WHAT WAS WRITTEN IS CONFIRMED. Don’t just say anything because you guys are mad. Don’t let your emotions take over you. When I wrote a good thing about her, you guys were nowhere. Now that I REPORTED a negative one, you are attacking me. LOL! Don’t make yourselves look like a fool and stupid. React if you are guilty.

I appreciate Charice’s talent BUT unlike most people, If I have to say something to remind her if she’s going astray, I’ll do it. This is real concern. Because you care too much, you yourself will get hurt if a bad thing happens to them so you’ll do anything TO PREVENT that from happening!

As real as it gets!

Charice walked out?!
Jul 17th, 2009 by niceyfemme


In this blog, I write about anything that interests me… Whatever is on my mind I write here and there’s no editor to stop me or anything… That’s the good thing and it means you will only get the truth in here, and nothing but…

And the latest is of the issue of Charice walking out of a dressing room? Another, is that her attitude has been starting to change?

In my previous posts, I gave Charice my honest opinion and pieces of advice to her, like what not to forget and to always keep herself grounded. However, these recent news circulating in Philippine Entertainment scene are definitely not good.

Starting with sources claiming that she walked out. Here’s the alleged story behind this. There was an event in Meralco theater and a lot of artists and performers are scheduled to appear. As far as I know, Meralco theater is a small venue as I have been there before. So quite a number of artists in a small venue with limited number of dressing rooms; it’s understandable if they have to share. Apparently, when Charice found out that she had to share the dressing room with two more singers, what she did was remove her name and walk out of there and transfer in another room. Hmmmm……

Another is that she’s not as nice and approachable now like before. That all these success she’s experiencing now is going to her head!

Here’s my say.

I hope all of these are not true, because if these happens to be true THEN YOU ARE JUST ONE OF THOSE. Remember, there’s so many talented artists/performers in the world and only a few are given these kinds of opportunity, do you want to waste them?

A great lesson in history is no matter how good you are, but if you have an attitude then you won’t make it. We have seen quite a number of actors and actresses who had the potential to make it big time and they were on their way to make it, but they just cannot handle all the success, they end up either pregnant or addicted to drugs or people disliking them and not supporting them because of these attitudes. Where are they now? One of those.

Or at the very least, wait until you’re as big as Mariah Carey, then, maybe then, you can can do that. But you’re just starting to climb the hill of success, you’re not even halfway there.

Talent is not enough. I know this myself. Performance that is exceeding of what’s expected equals to nothing when your colleagues do not like you. And believe me you’ll get affected in the end.

I’m just saying, what is wrong if you have to share a dressing room with other singers? Is it because you performed with the likes of Celine Dion that’s why you think you can already demand for things? Humility is the key here. I understand it’s not easy for most people to not have their success go up to their heads.

I only read one newspaper last night but two articles from two different writers wrote the same thing. It means there’s some basis here and not just one writer who doesn’t feel you.

I’ll never support an artist with diva like attitude, I’m sorry. I hope that all these are untrue. You will get interviewed about this in the coming days and I know you’ll deny this but time will tell if you either really became a diva or stayed a simple girl from the barrio. I hope all these are untrue though. Prove them wrong and maybe you’ll get the support back.

Talent with attitude means NOTHING to me.

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