Eugenio Vagni is free!
Jul 14th, 2009 by niceyfemme

He’s been captured by Abu Sayyaf since 15 January 2009. After 6 months of captivity, because of massive prayers from his family and people who simply care (like me) he’s been freed.

Mr. Eugenio Vagni works for the International Committee of the Red Cross as a specialist for water-supply systems. Those who worked with him has nothing but praises for the Italian. People loves him because of his sense of humor and because he interacts with everybody, he doesn’t choose who to only talk to. He talks to everyone.

Before it was just one of those news for me. A hostage of the Abu Sayyaf but when I got to see him in the news’ coverage of his release, I knew he’s a genuinely nice guy. You just know even just by looking at his face. The way he smiles is so real, even after everything he has gone through these last few months that most of us will never understand how hard because we will not experience it.

He does not hold any grudge to the group who held him hostage for a long time. During the interview, he mentioned that even though they kept him there, they respected him and called him “Apo”. I believe it’s what you call an older brother? Or what you call your father? And one thing he will miss is the food there, he said, “Dried fish and Datu Puti!” Wow he’s just so down to earth! Datu Puti is a brand of vinegar in the Philippines.

I felt a sense of pity for the old man when I saw how much weight he lost. He looked so different. He mentioned he lost 20 kgs., thats 44 lbs. They had to walk long distances and aside from his age (he’s 61 years old) he is also suffering from hernia which made it extra harder for him.

It’s clear that he’s a good person, a person full of wisdom. He’s a family man who loves his wife and young daughter so dearly. He cannot wait to see his family.

To Mr. Eugenio Vagni, I hope this experience didn’t traumatize you and change your feelings towards the Filipino people. We hold you dear in our hearts. This may sound crazy but I do hope you come back someday. We need more nice people like you who cares genuinely. Thank you very much for helping our fellow Filipinos. And in behalf of the Abu Sayyaf group, I believe they would want to say sorry too for the hardships you experienced.

I wish you good health!

We love you Mr. Eugenio Vagni!

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