Michael Jackson is a sweet and smart dad
Jul 13th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Nothing relevant has been happening to me these past few days reason why I consume myself with the internet… I cannot thank enough the inventor! 🙂

Like most people, I’m fascinated with the King of Pop’s life behind the eyes of the public and now that personal videos are surfacing, we are given a sneek peak to his days with the most important people in his life which are his kids.

In this particular video, I observed how sweet Michael is with his kids. I can say I’m more than impressed with him as to how he handled his role being a father to them while being an icon. How different he is while he spends time with him, is clearly very natural to him.

Michael talks to his kid like how a parent should talk to them. Conversations are very important to growing up toddlers and kids, it gives them a sense of importance, that they are being heard, that what they have to say is important too. It is recognition. Recognition is a gesture of love as well.

Controversies surrounded him all throughout his career, thats why people had some doubt with his parenting capability. His first wife, Lisa Marie Presley did not want to bear his children saying he is incapable of being a father as he is still a kid himself.

The way his kids presented themselves now in public has erased all doubts. How composed kids they are is one basis they are brought up very well.

Price Michael, Paris Katherine and Blacket are all very lucky to have such a hands-on loving dad in him.

Freddie Aguilar, crazy?!
Jul 13th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Here is Freddie Aguilar screaming on national TV… c’mon!


With Arnel, I did not involve him… Gary’s name was only mentioned, Regine also was called by that remark by Mariah, but actually I was only asked about Charice.

And I don’t have any grudge with Charice or Gary, nothing! I was just asked, asked about my opinion. Should I give an opinion I don’t feel about?

Charice you’re a good singer but I’ll believe in you even more if you’ll sing a song that is very own.

I didn’t mention the word monkey I said that is why we Filipinos are called monkey its because we are imitators. I’ll ask all Filipino singers why are you singing mostly foreign songs? That is my question, not what you are asking me why I am calling you a monkey, you asked to be called a monkey because all of you are imitators!


While I’m trying to understand where he’s coming from, I came up with this. I believe he’s got a different point of view, maybe because he’s from a different generation. We should try to understand him. Even though his words are unsolicited. RESPECT SHOULD BE TWO WAY. So, respect Charice and Gary and all Filipino singers and the songs they choose to sing and you’ll receive respect back.

Demi Moore?
Jul 13th, 2009 by niceyfemme

I just cannot believe that this is Demi Moore when she was young! I don’t see any traces of her in this kid… sorry!



JayR and Kyla – I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Jul 13th, 2009 by niceyfemme

Another great performance from these two great singers from the Philippines, JayR and Kyla. With voices so nice and flawless heartfelt renditions from them, I got nothing to say but.. wow! clap! clap! 🙂

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