Joleigh @ Manila Ocean Park 2015
Mar 28th, 2015 by niceyfemme

February 25, 2015


She’s now 2 and a half. How fast time flies! I can easily talk to her now and how blessed I am that she’s simply a smart kid as well as affectionate so I find it hard to say no to her requests like going to see the fishies at Manila Ocean Park. Every time we passed Luneta area whenever we go to Quezon City she would asks me to got there and one time I had no choice but make a promise and boy does she remembers my promises. She won’t stop until I make true to that promise!

Joleigh @ Ocean Park

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Ebay and Paypal: Give me my money back!
Aug 23rd, 2014 by niceyfemme

This is really stressing me out. I hope this gets resolved soon.

I sa w a nuce Kitchenaid mixer on Ebay and decided to buy. Its $199 plus shipping to Philippines which is around $105. So Im exoecting to pay $304. The first time it said error and I took a screen cqpture just to be sure. Then I tried again and this time I noticednthat the final amount became only $199 and not the correct final amount. So I got worried if I got charged so I checked my debit card which is only for my online shopping. Surprise! I was charged $Php8400. The thing with BPI Mastercard is that I cant check my transactions,  they just deduct and deduct so before each and every transaction I do I check my balance online take a screen cap then do that again after I pay.

So I sent a message to the seller usa-world-sales at ebay and it’s like he’s not taking me seriously or he thinks im scamming him. I asked for my money back and the first thing he asked is where im from and when I said Philippines he didn’t answer again for anither 24 hours until I sent him more messages.


I tried calling Ebay customer service and its hard for them to give me an answer because they cant find the transaction on my account.

Now I’m waiting for Paypal’s reply. I’LL UPDATE SOONEST.

My Little Sunshine
Apr 13th, 2014 by niceyfemme

I’ve always wanted a baby girl and man how she gives me my daily sunshine! My Joleigh is so cute and smart plus so funny I have no idea where she took that from haha.

My Joleigh!

Here she is wearing my shades, so big for her tiny face, after playing with her rice powder. She likes it when I take her picture while she’s posing too.


With Mama doing the groceries.

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Happy Birthday Joleigh!
Mar 30th, 2014 by niceyfemme

Late post. But better than never posting this at all. :)

Time definitely flew way too fast! I now have a one year old! I distinctly remember when I was still writing posts about my desire to have a baby and secretly wishing for a girl, even though I kept telling myself that if I have a boy I’d be equally happy. No, God has been so nice to me, granting again my prayers to a T.

It has been a shame that I have not given this blog as much time as I used to like before I got pregnant.  And I could have used this blog to document my baby’s every day and every milestone but no I got so overwhelmed by pregnancy and motherhood and by my laziness. I always have chosen sleep over everything else. Man this new permanent job has made me soooo tired! And sooooooo happy!

Anak thank you for giving me the best year of my life . I’ve never felt so happy seeing someone smile, seeing someone take her first steps and even when I get sneezed at. I can’t wait for the coming days and years that I get to take care of you and love you. It has been a great privilege having you as my daughter and I am so proud and I fell so tall whenever you call me Mama.

Papa and I, together with Mommy and Daddy will do our very best to give you a muchbetter life than we had. All the opportunities in the world as well.  But most importantly I’d try my best to make you feel loved, that you always have me. That I support you no mztter what and with Mama you’ll never be judged. I love you Joleigh. I truly thank God everyday for giving me you?

PS. Thank you for loving Mama’s dede as much as you do. :) I love it that you love them that much.

One Day at a Time
Jan 15th, 2014 by niceyfemme

Is how I am going to do this to get myself to blog again! I don’t want to give excuses but motherhood just rrally makes me so tired! But the I just have to remember that I dont need to post long ones, even just short postswith a few pictures will do.  I just want my baby Jordan to have something to read when she’s older and see herself groe in this blog. So yeah will try! Oh please help me.

Lindsay Lohan: Such a waste of talent
Apr 16th, 2013 by niceyfemme

Photo: guardian.co.uk

During the late 90′s I remember watching an American movie which my young self really liked, it’s Parent Trap starring the then young Lindsay Lohan. I remember thinking this girl will be one day a big star. Why? Because she’s pretty and charming and I really thought she could act. Then fast forward to a few years before today and she started a downward spiral. I can’t believe what’s happening with her! Someone please help her! She needs to be enrolled in the best drug rehab there is. I still want to see her get her act together.

As for myself, I’m drowning in the happy bliss of motherhood. I love my life and I hope Lindsay find herself loving her life more and not waste it anymore.

When will I be able to go back to blogging?
Mar 12th, 2013 by niceyfemme

So sad to say that I can’t say when. My baby has taken over my life and of all my time I barely have time to take a bath and even eat in silence! But I’m happy as hell! :) She has grown to be an even more beautiful, charming and really smart little girl who never fails to give Mama her sweetest smile when she wakes up in the morning. That makes everything worth it.

It doesn’t help my blogging life that I have a slow computer. It makes doing a post even longer.  Grrr!

5 Months of my Joleigh
Mar 2nd, 2013 by niceyfemme

It feels like only yesterday that I was about to give birth and now she’s this amazing and beautiful little lady baby! I’m so happy and sleep deprived haha but I wouldn’t have this any other way.

Time flies so fast I can’t believe it. I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow she’ll ask me for a personalized Frisbee haha. Man I love my life.

No Time for Cooking
Dec 28th, 2012 by niceyfemme

It’s the holidays and there’s a need for a lot of cooking for a lot of eating we have to do but I can’t cook anymore! I have a gorgeous baby to care for who doesn’t like to sleep without me beside her. Actually I was able to cook a few dishes for my husband’s birthday but it’s so hard since I can’t concentrate as I always think of Baby J, if she’s crying or not. I always have to go back and forth to care for her.

Now I must find myself a lot of money as I want to hire a baby nurse who will wear baby phat scrubs (so cute!) to help me give the best care to my baby J. Also I need a long uninterrupted night sleep please!

Motherhood has taken over my life
Dec 14th, 2012 by niceyfemme

And I love that fact. :)

No it hasn’t been a walk in the park, in fact it’s really hard and painful (labor, delivery and breastfeeding) but I haven’t laughed and smiled as much as I do now. All because of my precious baby. My gosh I love her! Sleeplessness is hard I can’t feel my head anymore but just one sweet smile from her and I’m floating in heaven! A much better high than macanudo cigars can give you haha!

I’m so proud of you anak!

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